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Artisan Spotlight: Charleston & Church

Artisan Spotlight: Charleston & Church

Artisan Spotlight: Charleston & Church

At first bite, Charleston & Church Cheese Rounds will make you say, “Sweet cheeses, that’s good!” This delightfully addictive snack is crafted by Warren and Jenn Simmons, the wonderful folks behind Charleston & Church. 

We recently had the chance to catch up with Jenn to chat about the inspiration behind the business, their 2020 Flavor of Georgia win, and all things Cheese Rounds!

Like every great product, these Cheese Rounds have a story and a recipe passed down generations. The inspiration behind their business and this delicious recipe comes from Warren’s grandmother, Irene Simmons.

“The inspiration behind our Cheese Rounds has always been Warren’s grandmother Irene Simmons, or ‘DeDe’ as she was known. She was born in 1907 and lived to be 94, but sadly I didn’t meet Warren until several years after she passed so I never got to meet her. But she taught Warren to cook, they spent long hours in the kitchen when he was a kid, and his fondest memories with her are cooking together. She was known throughout Charleston for being a consummate hostess and everyone loved her Cheese Rounds which she would serve as hors d'oeuvres at her soirees. 

Our base recipe, which Warren started tweaking around 2016, was her recipe for Cheese Rounds. He kicked it up a bit with some heat and added the pecan as a nod to Georgia, but the origin of our recipe is Warren’s grandmother who made it for years in her kitchen on Church Street in the Battery of Charleston, SC. Both our company name and our product are an homage to DeDe, our inspiration.”


Made with love and rooted in tradition, it’s no surprise that Cheese Rounds are delightfully addictive. You’ll be hooked at first bite! (We may or may not have eaten the entire bag in one sitting.) If you’re wondering how these bites of deliciousness are created, they’re crafted by hand at PREP Commercial Kitchens in Atlanta with the highest-quality ingredients. 

“Cheese Rounds are lovingly made by hand at PREP Commercial Kitchens by Warren and one of our godsons who assists him. We don’t have any fancy equipment, only a commercial mixer and convection ovens. The goal is, however, to be picked up by a production facility or co-packer who can take over production, and we would like that to happen sooner than later so we can really scale-up our volume.

Regarding ingredients, we are really proud that unlike products similar to ours in the marketplace today, we don’t use any ingredients that didn’t exist when Warren’s grandmother created our recipe in the 1930s.”


Jenn and Warren Simmons of Charleston & Church with their Cheese Rounds product

With a product that’s the perfect mix of Southern heat and savory cheese, they entered the 2020 Flavor of Georgia Food Product Contest and not only won the Snack category but also were named the Grand Prize Winner. How did it feel to beat out 117 other products from makers around the state and win the grand prize?

“Surreal would be the word. 

The contest was virtual in 2020, and winners were announced via a video at a pre-determined time. We went on YouTube to watch, and categories were announced alphabetically. Since we were in the Snack Food category, that one was announced last. When we won the category, we looked at each other like, “No way!” I was literally saying, “I can’t believe it!” when Warren said to me, “Wait, we have to watch the Grand Prize winner,” so I calmed down and a few seconds later, Dr. Sharon Kane announced us as the Grand Prize winner. And I totally lost it! We both did. We were in our dining room just screaming and jumping up and down, incredulous. 

I ran to my phone but couldn’t even decide who to call first and was just kind of frozen. We finally called our moms once we could get it together to move and speak. But, winning felt surreal. We have an awesome snack food, but to beat out 117 other delicious, creative food products across Georgia was just not something we expected.”

It’s no surprise that these award-winning Cheese Rounds have gained quite a following of snack lovers, but they have a famous fan as well. A long-time fan of Hall & Oates, Jenn and Warren had the chance to serve their cheese rounds at John Oates’s autobiography release. And well, the snack made his dreams come true. 

“A little backstory to how John Oates came to taste our Cheese Rounds . . . I have been obsessed with Hall & Oates since the 80s, when I was very, very young. So, when Master Chef Tom Catherall asked us to provide Cheese Rounds for a book signing he was hosting for John Oates’s autobiography release, you can guess that I fan-girled and acted very awkward when I met poor John who was so gracious. 

Warren was, of course, totally calm, serving John Oates Cheese Rounds off a tray. John actually patted him on the back and said, “Man, I love your Cheese Rounds!” whereas I think he probably couldn’t wait to end the conversation with me. Anyway, we consider John Oates a fan!”

As a longtime fan, we just had to ask: what Hall & Oates song describes Cheese Rounds?

“I think the Hall & Oates song that best describes our Cheese Rounds is one that John Oates actually sings lead on, and that is ‘Possession Obsession’ off of the Big Bam Boom album. There is a line that goes:

‘Just a taste of possession obsession

Brings a case of possession obsession’

This is true of our Cheese Rounds. Retailers will sample them, and then say, ‘We need to order several cases of these!’ One taste causes addiction! 

We’ve been told that wives literally hide our bags from their husbands and vice-versa. People hide them from their co-workers. They are that good, and once folks have a taste, they are obsessed . . . and get possessive of our Cheese Rounds!”

One thing’s for sure: we could never lose that loving feeling for these Cheese Rounds. (But definitely keep your “Private Eyes” on this snack or “She’s Gone” and you can’t go for that.) 

We’re excited to add this delicious snack to our inventory of Georgia-made products and even more thrilled to welcome Charleston & Church to our family of artisans. If you want to try this delicious snack for yourself, order your own bag of Charleston & Church Cheese Rounds or our Flavors of Summer gift box to get a taste of this cheesy snack and other summer treats. 

Order the Flavors of Summer gift box

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Gift Guide: For the Dad Who Loves Coffee

Gift Guide: For the Dad Who Loves Coffee

Does your dad get every day started with a delicious cup of Joe? Show the dad in your life you love him a latte by building him a gift box filled with delicious coffees from around the Peach State. 

Jumping Goats Bourbon-Infused Pecan Coffee

Made in Cleveland, GA, Jumping Goats Bourbon-Infused Coffee is crafted with real bourbon combined with their best-selling Southern Pecan coffee. This brew was 100% made for Dad! 

Grassroots Coffee Georgia Blues Coffee

A smooth cup of coffee is music to anyone’s ears and Grassroots Coffee “Georgia Blues” blend will chase away the morning blues. With hints of raspberry and chocolate derived from a blend of medium roasted Indonesian and African organic coffees, this coffee will be your dad’s new favorite way to start the day.   

Little Belgians Original Speculoos

The perfect pairing for any of the Georgia ground coffees included in his Father’s Day gift box, Little Belgians Original Speculoos cookies are buttery, thin, crunchy, and not overly sweet.  Flavored with nine spices including cinnamon, cloves, pepper, and cardamom, and blended lightly with organic brown sugar, they are great paired with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. 

Grassroots Coffee Bean Me Up, Scotty Coffee

An out-of-this-world cup of coffee, Grassroots Coffee "Bean Me Up, Scotty" blend is the perfect way to put your morning in hyper speed. Made with a blend of Central and South American beans, this delicious coffee is smooth and nutty with a nice finish. We promise with one sip you’ll live long and prosper! 

Vanilla Espresso Pecans

A delicious snack for the coffee lover in your life, Goodson Pecans Vanilla Espresso Pecans are handcrafted in small batches and made with only the finest ingredients including Georgia-grown pecans, coffee, egg whites, and real vanilla. Your coffee-loving dad will love having these pecans to crunch and munch through the afternoon!

Jumping Goats Southern Pecan Coffee

Jumping Goats Southern Pecan Coffee is the perfect addition to any gift box. Truly smooth with a taste of roasted pecans, this delicious coffee blend is like pecan pie in a cup. Make sure to add this delicious coffee to Dad’s Father’s Day gift box and it just might be his new favorite cup of coffee

Not sure the dad in your life is a caffeine fiend? Shop our inventory of 260+ Georgia-made products to build a gift box that fits your dad’s personality.

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Gift Guide: For the Dad Who Loves to Grill

Gift Guide: For the Dad Who Loves to Grill


Summer is here, and your dad is ready to fire up the grill! Build your grill master the perfect Father’s Day gift box with these Georgia-made favorites crafted by artisans around the Peach State.

Patterson’s Mopping Sauce

Made in Dahlonega, GA, Patterson’s Mopping Sauce is an age-old family recipe that's the perfect balance of sweet, tangy, and spicy. In 1943, David Patterson left his family farm when he was drafted into the army in WWII. Before Christmas the following year, he was captured by the Germans in the Battle of the Bulge and was a POW until May of 1945. When he returned home to the states and began living again, he loved eating delicious food and developed his own barbeque sauce that became a favorite at his church's barbecues for over 25 years.

Due to popular demand from anyone who got a taste of this delicious sauce, this "one-of-a-kind" family recipe is bottled up for you to enjoy in your own home. Perfect for basting, marinating, and dipping all of your favorite meats, Patterson's Mopping Sauce will be your new favorite sauce for every barbecue and get-together this summer.

Causey’s Steak Seasoning 

Causey's Steak Seasoning Salt was created to use on just about any food where you want to experience an enhanced salt flavor but is especially good on a delicious steak. This seasoning salt has a perfect blend of salt, pepper and spices that allows you to use on steak, chicken, pork, vegetables, salad dressings, pasta and pasta sauces, eggs and the list goes on and on. Causey’s Steak Seasoning Salt will be a new staple seasoning for your pantry.

Wisham Jellies Peachy Peach Pepper Jelly 

Wisham Jellies Peachy Peach Pepper Jelly collides sweet Georgia Peaches with hot peppers. You can mix it with teriyaki and Worcestershire sauce as a marinade for grilled lamb chops or use as a glaze when grilling ribs and pork to give it a sweet heat. The possibilities are endless with this delicious pepper jelly by your side this summer!

Bacon-infused Smoke Mediterranean Salt

What could be any better than Cooper’s Provisions Original Smoked Mediterranean Sea Salt infused with BACON?!? Well, here it is! Delicious on pretty much anything, but it’s especially good on tater tots, green beans, and scrambled eggs. Your dad will love getting creative at the grill with this smokey and bacon flavor punch!

Aub Sauce Spicy Peach BBQ Sauce

A 2019 Flavor of Georgia People’s Choice Winner, Spicy Peach Barbecue Sauce stays true to its roots as the southern belle of barbecue sauces. Fresh Georgia peaches are the only way to go in creating a beautifully rich barbecue sauce that infuses the classically sweet fruit with a spicy twist. Unforgettable flavor enhanced by cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and ginger is just the beginning of the delights in store for this sauce experience.

Wisham Jellies All-Purpose Rub

Made by Wisham Jellies in Tifton, GA, Wisham’s All-Purpose Rub is the perfect combination of sweet and heat! This rub is great on pork, poultry, beef, seafood, and veggies. We recommend getting your glaze on with Wisham Jellies Peachy Peach Pepper Jelly while grilling and cooking with this rub!

Not sure the dad in your life wants to get grilling this summer? Shop our inventory of 260+ Georgia-made products to build a gift box that fits your dad’s personality.

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Artisan Spotlight: Moms Leading Small Businesses

Artisan Spotlight: Moms Leading Small Businesses

Entrepreneurship is challenging. Owning a small business is difficult. Crafting products that are high-quality and one-of-a-kind isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Doing all of this while being a mom? You would think is impossible but these individuals are showing that you can own and run a small business, craft amazing products, and hold the title of “superwoman.” Oops, we mean “Mom.” The following artisans are just a few of the strong women dedicated to running their small businesses, crafting some of the best products Georgia has to offer, and being amazing mothers. 


Margaret Amos, Southern Straws

Margaret Amos is the co-owner of Southern Straws and mother to her three boys, Neal, Troy, and Daniel. Growing up, Neal and his younger brothers would watch their mother make thousands of cheese straws for friends during the holidays. In 2014, Margaret and her son, Neal turned their hobby into a business when they launched Southern Straws. The foundation for their delicious cheese straws is an old recipe Margaret got from her mother. Their unique bite-size shape makes them perfect for salads, soups, chili, even grits! Southern Straws offers three flavors of cheese straws including: Original, their most popular flavor with a nice kick of spice; Spicy, for those who like a little more heat; and Mild, no heat but focused on the rich cheddar flavor.

Carla Foster, Carson Bryce Trading Company

Carla Foster is the owner of Carson Bryce Trading Company. Not only does she craft some of the highest-quality small-batch products that will help you relax and unwind but she’s also a loving mother to her son, Chance. Carson Bryce Trading Company was created in honor of Carla’s son who passed away at only 30 days old. Through her grief, she felt God telling her to create and craft which led her to start her business and name it after her late son, Carson Bryce. Her Atlanta's Finest White Peach Vanilla soap is one of the first products we ever carried at Georgia Crafted and it smells absolutely divine. 


Susan & Laura Stachler, Susansnaps Ginger Snaps

A powerful mother-daughter duo, Laura and Susan own Susansnaps – the only gourmet gingersnap cookie company. Susansnaps are a labor of love that were developed after Laura watched her husband and daughter, Susan undergo chemo within the same year. Ginger is a natural stomach soother and cookies always have a way to bring smiles. Through Laura’s small baking company, she created the ultimate gingersnap recipe. As the cookies were becoming popular, Laura coined them “Susansnaps” in memory of her sister, Sue (who died from Hodgkin’s) and in honor of her daughter (who beat Hodgkin’s at 22). Today, Susan & Laura work side-by-side running Susansnaps and their delicious gingersnaps warrant a smile at first bite.


Suzy Neal, Unicoi Preserves

When we say “moms,” dog moms count too! Suzy Neal is co-owner of Unicoi Preserves in Sautee-Nacoochee and is a mom to her Brittany Spaniel, Annie. Suzy and her husband, Clark, founded Unicoi Preserves out of a desire to produce products from ingredients they could source locally from their Georgia mountain region. With flavors ranging from Cherry Key Lime to Strawberry Vanilla or Salted Caramel Peach, you can’t go wrong with any of their delicious spreads! 


We are proud to share a little about these strong women who are just a few of the many female artisans we have who are leading their small businesses and being great moms.

Happy Mother’s Day to these amazing women and all of the wonderful mothers out there from the Georgia Crafted Peaches!

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Gift Guide: For the Mom Who Loves to Brunch

Gift Guide: For the Mom Who Loves to Brunch


Does the mom in your life love hosting brunch with close friends and family? Build her the perfect gift box to have the best Georgia-made brunch imaginable. Simply, add all of these products to your cart and build a Mother’s Day gift box made for the mom who loves to brunch. 

Sister’s Sauce Bloody Mary Mix

No brunch is complete without a good Bloody Mary! Sister’s Sauce is a clean bloody mary mix handcrafted in Georgia. This delicious mix has no secret ingredients, is gluten and fat free with no MSG, additives, or high fructose corn syrup; it’s just a classic, simple bloody mary mix. 

Phickles House Pickles

These delicious pickles are the perfect pairing in your Sister’s Sauce Bloody Mary. Made with sliced cucumbers pickled with fresh dill, whole garlic and fresh jalapeño, these pickles are the best bloody mary garnish and are all-natural, gluten-free, vegan, and contain no added sugar.

Biron Herbal Teas Earl Grey Gold Black Tea

If your mom loves to serve a good spot of tea at her brunch, Biron Herbal Teas Early Grey Gold Black Tea is the perfect addition to her Mother’s Day brunch box. Not only does it taste smooth and delicious, this tea contains antioxidants and naturally occurring fluoride, which promotes strong teeth and bones while the Calendula petals provide skin-healing, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.


Grassroots Coffee Bean Me Up Scotty Blend

A personal favorite of our owner and head Georgia Crafted Peach, Erin Zwigart, Grassroots Coffee Bean Me Up Scotty coffee blend is smooth, nutty, and has a nice finish. A delicious blend of Central and South American coffees, a cup of this delicious coffee is the best way to kick off Mother’s Day.

Nora Mill Granary Grandma’s Biscuit & Pancake Mix

Forget charcuterie boards! The trendiest brunches include pancake boards for everyone to graze. The secret to making perfect pancakes for your social-worthy pancake board? Nora Mill Granary’s Grandma's Buttermilk Biscuits & Pancake Baking Mix! This mix is so complete that you only add water to make old fashioned, homemade, pancakes or biscuits. 

Bfit Bfly Hemp Blueberry Granola

You must have a healthy option for the brunch guest with fitness goals and Bfit Bfly Hemp Seed & Blueberry Granola is the perfect choice. The star of this granola are the hemp seeds. These little seeds are a complete source of protein with healthy fats and fiber. Mixing this with dried blueberries and the wonderful crunch of sprouted oats will have you feeling good and be a highlight for your brunch guests.

Emily G’s Jalapeno Raspberry Jam

A delicious jam is a great addition to any brunch spread. Emily G’s Jalapeno Raspberry Jam is crafted with spicy jalapenos blended with sun-kissed raspberries. You can use this jam to create an easy appetizer when paired with cream cheese or brie or for a more savory option, pair with shrimp, chicken, or pork. 


Unicoi Preserves Cherry Key Lime Spread

You can’t go wrong with a Unicoi Preserves spread at your next brunch! Their Cherry Key Lime spread is our favorite flavor choice for the warm Spring and Summer months. Made with luscious tart cherries, key lime juice and love in the mountains of Georgia, this spread is delicious paired with biscuits or your favorite cheese and charcuterie.

Want to build a gift box that fits your mom’s personality and hobbies? Shop our inventory of 260+ Georgia-made products.

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Gift Guide: For the Mom who needs to Unwind

Gift Guide: For the Mom who needs to Unwind


There’s no doubt about it: being a mom is one of the most stressful jobs out there. If your mom needs a spa day at home to treat herself, we’ve got the perfect round-up of small-batch products made by artisans around the Peach State. Simply, add all of these products to your cart and build a Mother’s Day gift box made for the mom who needs to unwind. 

Rinse Bath & Body Dead Sea Mud Mask

Dead Sea Mud is known for its detoxifying & purifying properties, as well as its ability to infuse the skin with essential minerals & brighten the complexion. It is also highly recognized for its ability to provide relief from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis & rosacea. This mask is highly versatile as it can be beneficial for the face AND body. You can use this mask for DIY facials, body treatments, wraps, and spot treatment. 

Carson Bryce Trading Co. Atlanta's Finest White Peach Vanilla Soap

This soap is true to scent with a lovely peach aroma combined with swirls of vanilla and peaches ‘n cream! Made with only the finest ingredients –Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Vitamin E and Coconut Oil – this White Peach-Vanilla Handmade Soap will leave your skin feeling extra moisturized and clean. Plus, it’s made with all-natural ingredients that are good to your skin.

Salacia Salts Georgia Peach Bathtime Rocks

The mom in your life will have the bath of a lifetime with Salacia Salts Georgia Peach Bathtime Rocks. These aromatic cubes are packed with kaolin clay and shea butter to create a moisturizing fizzy soak with an amazing, long-lasting Georgia Peach scent. Your body will be soft head to toe and smell divine for hours after use.

Rinse Bath & Body Fresh Fig Body Spread Moisturizer

Thick, creamy, luxurious... all perfect words to describe our version of lotion. Blended with Shea Butter & Olive Oil, this Body Spread doesn't lay on the skin thick or heavy, just soaks right in & lasts all day long. With a fresh, clean scent, your mom will feel brand-new after using this lotion for the first time.

Jack Be Nimble Candles Day at the Spa Candle

With 50+ hours of clean burn time, this Jack Be Nimble Candles Day at the Spa candle will make the mom in your life feel like she’s in a relaxing oasis right in her own home. This candle is a calming and balanced fragrance of lemongrass, black currant and patchouli that will be a favorite through the seasons.

Not sure your mom wants to unwind at home? Shop our inventory of 260+ Georgia-made products to build a gift box that fits the mom in your life's personality.

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Tour of Georgia Stop #5: Coastal Georgia

Tour of Georgia Stop #5: Coastal Georgia

Tour of Georgia Stop #5: Coastal Georgia

Our Tour of Georgia is coming to an end and our last regional stop is Coastal Georgia. Grab a fruity drink and your SPF! We, of course, had to finish our trip around the Peach State on the beach.

Coastal Georgia is filled with peaceful, natural wonders and beauty that is unmatched. Our Coastal Georgia gift box features products from all over the coast including: Byrd Cookie Company Lemon Cooler & Georgia Peach Cookies, MaMa E's Home Bakery Cheese Straws, Salacia Salts Lemon Lavender Body Butter, and Dr Pete's Key Lime Square Baking Mix.


Meet the Artisans

Byrd Cookie Company

In 1924, Ben Tillman Byrd, Sr. began baking small batches of cookies from his bakery in Savannah, Georgia, packing them in wooden crates, and personally delivering them to neighborhood markets in his Model T Ford. The cookies were soon christened “Byrd’s Famous Cookies” and steadily gained popularity not only locally, but also among visitors who discovered the delicious confections while visiting Savannah. Today, Byrd Cookie Company is one of the largest and fastest-growing independent cookie, snack and gift companies in the United States. You can find their Lemon Cooler and Georgia Peach Cookies in our Coastal Georgia gift box.


Salacia Salts

Located near the iconic fountain in Forsyth Park where Forrest Gump dropped notable one-liners, Salacia Salts was founded in 2012 by Cari Clark Phelps. This small business is filled with bath and beauty products made from all-natural organic ingredients locally-sourced and inspired by scents of the South. Plus, each product is packed by hand in sustainable packaging to help preserve the beauty of the earth. Like all other great prophecies, the idea for Salacia Salts came from a dream. Cari literally had a dream she was packaging salts to sell to visitors in Savannah. From your lips to your toes, Cari has created products filled with natural ingredients to make every inch of your body feel soft, exfoliated, and moisturized. You can find Salacia Salts Lemon Lavender Body Butter in our Coastal Georgia gift box.


Dr. Pete's 

The small southern town of Ailey, Georgia is home to Dr. Pete's Foods. Dr. Pete's is known for their delicious marinades, sauces, dressings, baking mixes, and the famous Praline Mustard Glaze. Dr. T. A. Peterson, known as Dr. Pete to his patients, was reared in this sleepy south Georgia town. After becoming a doctor, he was often seen with his worn, black leather doctor's bag in hand entering homes around Savannah. As much as Dr. Pete loved his practice of medicine, he equally loved the art of cooking, and he spent many joyous hours creating and preparing wonderful dishes and sauces for his family and friends. In 1985, his daughter and son-in-law, Jan and Joel Coffee, began bottling some of his recipes, and selling them to the public under the "Dr. Pete's" label. Many of Dr. Pete's products have won awards, including the Flavor of Georgia award for their Praline Mustard Glaze and Best Baked Gold Award for their Key Lime Squares and Rustic French Boule Mixes. You can find their award winning Key Lime Square baking mix in our Coastal Georgia gift box


MaMa E's Home Bakery

Marie Motes's dream for many years was to open a home bakery. When she retired in October 2012, she decided to make her dream come true. With much encouragement from coworkers, friends, and family, she made it happen. Marie has a small bakery in Metter, Georgia but you can occasionally find her at local arts and crafts festivals. As for the name "MaMa E's," in Marie's words: "This is what my grandchildren call me. As most of you know, the first grandchild names you. My grandson, Taylor, was suppose to call me MaMa Marie but he cut it short. Taylor called me 'MaMa E', and it stuck." Ideal for any occasion, MaMa E's cheese straws, featured in our Coastal Georgia gift box, are light and crispy with just the right amount of cayenne pepper. 


We had the best time exploring (virtually) exploring Coastal Georgia and getting a little vitamin sea in Savannah. To bring a little bit of the coast to your door step, shop the Coastal Georgia gift box here. 

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Tour of Georgia Stop #4: North Georgia

Tour of Georgia Stop #4: North Georgia

Tour of Georgia Stop #4: North Georgia

Breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the view! Our Tour of Georgia is taking us to the North Georgia mountains.

Our North Georgia gift box features products from all over this area of the Peach State including: Nora Mill General Store Wild Blueberry Muffin and Pancake mixUnicoi Preserves Salted Caramel Peach SpreadHoney On The Hill Bee Peachy Sugar Scrub and Wildflower Honey, and JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters Southern Pecan Coffee.


Meet the Artisans

Unicoi Preserves

Suzy and Clark Neal founded Unicoi Preserves out of a desire to produce products from ingredients they could source locally from their Georgia mountain region. They created their popular Salted Caramel Peach Spreadfeatured in our North Georgia gift box, from a bushel of Lane Southern Orchards Ruby Prince peaches sourced after a day of vending at a Georgia Grown festival. The Neals are competitive home cooks and their products have won numerous awards including being named a finalist at UGA Flavor of Georgia Food Product Contest and winning a World Hot Sauce Best of Show award. You can find recipes on their website to cook their delicious creations at home. The Neals moved to Sautee-Nacoochee, GA from south Georgia in 2008 because they were drawn to the area for its outdoor recreation opportunities.


Honey On The Hill

Dale Fisher is the founder, owner and head beekeeper at Honey On The Hill. After his last tour in Afghanistan, Dale found himself injured both mentally and physically and searching for something to keep him out of a dark place. After trying other farming ventures, he found that harvesting honey was his passion. In fact, he credits honeybees with saving his life by giving him focus, balance, and a reason to face a new day with every sunrise. With that, Dale started Honey On The Hill with the goal of providing the best raw, sustainably-sourced honey available on the market. Today, Honey On The Hill has grown to not only provide raw honey varieties but also gourmet candy, beauty products, and SuperFood Heroes. You can find Honey On The Hill Wildflower Honey and Bee Peachy Sugar Scrub in our North Georgia gift box. 


Nora Mill Granary

Nora Mill Granary has been a part of North Georgia history for over 100 years. The mill was built in 1876 complete with 1,500 pound French Burr Mill Stones and a 100 ft. wooden raceway that feeds water to a water turbine - not a vertical water wheel. In 1902 Dr. Lamartine G. Hardman bought the mill and named it "Nora Mill" in memory of his sister Nora. After a succession of millers throughout the years, in the early 1980s, Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Ron Fain worked with the Hardman family and leased Nora Mill for him and his parents to bring back to life and operate. Ron became the Miller of Nora Mill. Over the years, Ron worked with his parents until their passing, and then brought his youngest daughter Joann in under his wing to learn the art of milling and work the Nora Mill business. Nora Mill is now in the fourth generation of the Fain family operation as Joe Vandegriff and his wife Addi, along with Joann Fain Tarpley, with husband Rich, continue to manage and operate Nora Mill Granary. There have been many changes over the years, but the main idea is still the same: to grind fresh grains with no additives or preservatives with old-fashioned quality. Nora Mill has recently gone through a major refurbishing to help continue the legacy of the Mill for many years to come. You can find their Wild Blueberry Muffin and Pancake mix in our North Georgia gift box.


Jumpin Goat Coffee Roasters

Jumpin Goat Coffee Roasters in Cleveland was founded with the goal of providing the best coffee possible. Their products are the highest quality single origin beans and flavored coffees offered anywhere in the world. You may wonder, "what do goats have to do with coffee?" Their name originates from the ancient folklore of how coffee was discovered. In the 1500's, a Goat herdsman an Ethiopian named Kaldi would free range feed his goats. His goats would always stop and eat the red ripe cherries that grew on a bush and after eating these red cherries they would start jumping and running around with a new burst of energy. He shared his experience with friends and fellow Herdsman, and they all decided to pick some of the red berries and boil them. Once they had boiled them and decided to drink the juice, they felt a new burst of energy and knew that this is what the goats had experienced as well. The news of this new drink spread around the world and became known as Coffee. You can find Jumpin Goat Southern Pecan Coffee in our North Georgia gift box.


It was so refreshing to visit the North Georgia mountains for this piece of our Tour of Georgia. To have a tranquil escape to North Georgia from your home, order our North Georgia gift box here. 

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Tour of Georgia Stop #3: Metro Atlanta

Tour of Georgia Stop #3: Metro Atlanta

Tour of Georgia Stop #3: Metro Atlanta

A melting pot of culture, art, cuisine, and more, Atlanta is a hub for some of the best experiences you can have in the Peach State. This week we will be traveling all over Georgia’s capital which let’s be real - no one calls Hotlanta if you really KNOW & love this city.

Our Made in Atlanta gift box features products from all over A-town including: Georgia Sourdough Co. Sea Salt CrackersBella Cucina Artichoke Lemon PestoBeautiful Briny Sea Magical Unicorn SaltCaja Popcorn Pimento Cheese popcornPeach Bites, and Montane Grapefruit Peach Sparkling Water.

Meet the Artisans

Bella Cucina Artful Food

Bella Cucina Artful Food was born from Alisa Barry's passion for cooking and eating as an artful ritual. Inspired by her culinary training in California and sabbaticals in the hill towns of Italy, she crafts products made with locally sourced ingredients. They have produced their small batch products in Atlanta for more than 25 years. Bella Cucina has been featured on Oprah’s “Favorite Things” show, in “O" Magazine, Food & Wine, Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes & Garden, and Cooking Light. Their Artichoke Lemon Pesto, featured in our Made in Atlanta gift box, was chosen as one of "Oprah's Favorite Things" early on, which gave their brand great exposure.


Georgia Sourdough Co. 

After 25 years in the restaurant business, founder & baker Tracy Gribbon started Georgia Sourdough Co. She started Georgia Sourdough Co. with the idea that we should all get back to basics when it comes to our food without having to worry about harmful ingredients, GMOs, and chemicals. Georgia Sourdough Co. only uses organic flour which costs 130% more than conventional flour. However, they believe it is worth it to keep Glyophosphate out of their crackers and people’s bellies. Handmade from scratch the crackers are rolled, baked and sliced into crackers each shaped as unique as the next. You can find Georgia Sourdough Co. Sea Salt Crackers in our Made in Atlanta gift box. 


Caja Popcorn

Caja Popcorn started as a small storefront on Peachtree Road in 2012. Their goal was simple - to produce a fresh and flavorful popcorn by hand using only quality ingredients from chef-driven recipes. Their family continues this mission today, bringing customers the same flavorful, honest, small-batch popcorn as the day they first opened their doors. The result is a variety of Sweet, Savory, and Spicy flavor options with a Southern Flair. Caja Popcorn is lead by chief popper, Nick McCormick, who is a trained chef with nearly 20 years in the industry. Why choose gourmet popcorn as a culinary creation? In his words, "I love popcorn because it is the perfect vehicle to experiment with unique and distinct flavors - and share those flavors with others." You can find their Pimento Cheese Popcorn in our Made in Atlanta gift box. 


Beautiful Briny Sea

Beautiful Briny Sea began in 2011 when restauranteur Suzi Sheffield decided to find new adventures and pursue her culinary passion. With a ton of creativity and a flair for whimsy, Suzi started Beautiful Briny Sea in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward. Their salt blends amp up the flavor of any dish or creation and are made in small-batches. They currently have 12 different salt batches and are always dreaming up new creations in the Salt Shack. You can find their Magical Unicorn Salt in our Made in Atlanta gift box.


Montane Sparkling Spring Water

There's only one pure sparkling spring water on the market and it's made right here in the Peach State. Cason and Virginia Callaway set out on a mission to connect man and nature in a way that benefits both, establishing Callaway Gardens in the 1950s. Since then, four generations of the family have expanded this mission by founding Montane Sparkling Spring Water. Montane Sparkling spring water is derived from Blue Springs’ quartzite bedrock, which produces some of the purest water on the planet. Upholding the purity of this refreshing product, you won't find any artificial sweeteners, calories, sugar or sodium in Montane products. Each flavor of Montane Sparkling Water stays true to the Southern heritage of the family. A 2019 Flavor of Georgia winner, their Grapefruit Peach flavor can be found in our Made in Atlanta gift box.


We loved (virtually) visiting Georgia's capital and seeing these wonderful artisans. To take a trip to the ATL without leaving your home, shop our Made in Atlanta gift box here. 

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Tour of Georgia Stop #2 - Middle Georgia

Tour of Georgia Stop #2 - Middle Georgia

Tour of Georgia Stop #2: Middle Georgia

From whitewater rafting in Columbus to game days in Athens, Middle Georgia has an Explore Georgia adventure for everyone.

Our Middle Georgia gift box features products from all over this area of the Peach State including Southern Straws Original Cheese Straws (Columbus), Watanut Georgia Pecan Shortbread Cookies (Augusta), Phickles Pickles Carrot Stix (Athens), Biron Herbal Teas Peach Honeybush Tea (Macon), Corks Kettle Corn Kettle Popcorn (Statesboro) and Rinse Bath & Body Oats & Honey Soap (Monroe).


Meet the Artisans

Southern Straws Cheese Straws

Columbus, bordered by the Chattahoochee River, is home to the longest urban whitewater rafting in the world! One artisan duo who calls Columbus home is Margaret and Neal Amos, the mother-and-son team behind Southern Straws. Growing up, Neal and his younger brothers would watch their mother make thousands of cheese straws for friends during the holidays. In 2014, they turned their hobby into a business when they launched Southern Straws. The foundation for their delicious cheese straws is an old recipe Margaret got from her mother. Their unique bite-size shape makes them perfect for salads, soups, chili, even grits! Southern Straws offers three flavors of cheese straws including: Original, their most popular flavor with a nice kick of spice featured in our Middle Georgia gift boxSpicy, for those who like a little more heat; and Mild, no heat but focused on the rich cheddar flavor.


Biron Teas

Biron Teas is owned and operated by Andi Biron. Andi has a Master of Science in Homeopathy. Biron Teas initial herbal blends were made for friends and family to help them overcome the stage of life they were going through. Love & Laughter was made for a friend going through a bad break-up. Memory Magic was made for a single mom trying to finish her degree. Worryease was made for Andi who loves to sip it when she feels overwhelmed. Each Biron Teas blend has a unique story and purpose. Continuing their commitment to sustainability, Biron Teas teabags and overwraps are biodegradable so you can feel good about what you're sipping. Their Peach Honeybush Tea is featured in our Middle Georgia gift box.  


Rinse Bath & Body

In 2002, Heather Swanepoel took up soap-making as hobby after figuring out she was horrible at knitting. To justify making pounds of soap at a time to her husband, she would give away her soap to anyone who would take it. As she experimented with ingredients, she found herself perfecting products and people wanted to buy her products. With that, Rinse Bath & Body was born. With 20 product categories, they offer divine smelling products from soaps to shower bombs to lip balms and beyond. You can find Rinse Bath & Body at over 1500 retail partners (including Georgia Crafted, of course!) as well as Disneyland and Disney World. The Georgia Crafted Peaches carry multiple varieties of their products and are excited to feature their Oats & Honey soap in our Middle Georgia gift box.


Corks Kettle Corn

Another great college town, Statesboro is not only home to Georgia Southern but also some of the best kettle corn you'll ever taste from Corks Kettle Corn. On a whim, David Cork bought a kettle corn cooker in the early 2000’s and started popping at the local farmers market. From that simple beginning, Corks Kettle Corn has grown their wholesale distribution and ships popcorn all over the country. They offer multiple varieties of kettle corn including their famous Original Kettle Corn, Old Fashioned Caramel Corn, and their Simply Salted Corn. To ensure their customers get the highest-quality product, they use mushroom style popcorn that pops up to HUGE fluffy pieces, and  take extra time to sift out any un-popped or broken pieces. Their Original Kettle Corn is featured in our Middle Georgia gift box and you can shop all of their products in our Middle Georgia collection. 


Phickles Pickles

Athens is not only home to the University of Georgia and the Dawgs but also Phickles Pickles. In 2008, Angie Tillman began selling pickled veggies off her front porch and then in stores all over Georgia. With that, Phickles Pickles was born. A definite foodie and talented cook, Angie  has shared recipes on her social media platforms over the years - many of which have now become products she's added to the Phickles brand!  In her words, "Pretty much... if it's something I like to eat, I'm packaging it for resell!" At this time, Phickles offers seven different pickled veggies, two cheese spreads, three bbq sauces, two pepper jellies and a salsa.... all are gluten-free and low sugar. Her top-selling Phickles Carrot Stix are featured in our Middle Georgia gift box.



You may know Augusta for the legendary Masters golf tournament but this charming town also features lovely small businesses like Watanut. Augusta, Georgia natives and Watanut founders, Brian and Kam Kyzer, are adventurous, creative, and love to take the road less traveled. Their gourmet nut mixes and shortbread cookies are made from scratch from the finest ingredients, baked fresh daily, and packed by hand. They source local growers and shellers for Georgia’s best pecans for their gourmet pecan gifts.The name Watanut comes from their enthusiasm and passion for what they do. Their delicious Georgia Pecan Shortbread cookies are featured in our Middle Georgia gift box.


We had such a great time (virtually) visiting Middle Georgia. If you want to explore this piece of the Peach State from the comfort of your couch, shop our Middle Georgia gift box here. 

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Tour of Georgia Stop #1 - South Georgia

Tour of Georgia Stop #1 - South Georgia

Tour of Georgia Stop #1: South Georgia

Known for rolling fields of farmland, dirt roads, and some of the best eats you can find, South Georgia is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the big city to just take it slow and relax.

During our Tour of Georgia South Georgia stop, we visited the town of each artisan featured in our South Georgia gift box including Goodson Pecans Cinnamon Sugar pecans (Leesburg), Oliver Farm Infused Sunflower Oil (Pitts), Grassroots Coffee “Bean Me Up, Scotty” Coffee (Thomasville), Wisham Jellies Peachy Peach Pepper jelly (Tifton), and Stripling's General Store Beef Jerky (Cordele).

Meet the Artisans

Goodson Pecans

Leesburg is not only the hometown of country music singer and songwriter, Luke Bryan, American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips, and MLB player, Buster Posey, but also home to Goodson Pecans. With four generations of pecan farmers in the family, the Goodsons know pecans but welcome all pronunciations of the tree nut's name. They have been producing gourmet pecan flavors for over 11 years. Featured in our South Georgia gift box, their Cinnamon Sugar Pecans were the first gourmet variety sold when they began their business and to this day are still the most popular seller. They have multiple award-winning & finalist products including their Honey Cinnamon Pecan ButterToasted Sriracha Pecans, and Vanilla Espresso Pecans

Oliver Farm

Oliver Farm is located in rural Wilcox County near Pitts, Georgia. With only 3 total stop lights in the entire county, you could say that this area of the Peach State is certified small town USA. Oliver Farm is owned and operated by the Oliver family and manufactures cold-pressed, gourmet sunflowerpecan, and peanut oils. With multiple awards behind their products including a 2017 Good Food Award & the 2015 Garden & Gun Made in the South award, their various pure oils are cooking companions for chefs, foodies, and home cooks alike. Their infused Sunflower Oil featured in our South Georgia gift box is their best-selling oil and can be used for dipping bread, sauteing vegetables, or enhancing grilled or baked meats. 

Wisham Jellies

Located in Tifton, Wisham Jellies produces some of the best pepper jelly varieties you can find. With the help of a throwback recipe, peppers from his garden, and a passion for grilling, Eric Wisham began getting creative with his pepper jelly batches during the summer of 2012. After a busy summer spent at his local farmers market in Downtown Tifton, he began his peppery journey to making and creating Wisham Jellies for store shelves in October 2013. Wisham Jellies Pepper Jellies are handmade with whole peppers and fruits which keeps their ingredients list short and sweet. Their Peachy Peach Pepper Jelly can be used in a variety of ways and is featured in our South Georgia gift box. 

Grassroots Coffee

Thomasville is known for the Rose Show, Victorian Christmas, and great quail hunting, but one gem located in historic Downtown is Grassroots Coffee. Roasting coffee since 2009, Grassroots Coffee is loved by visitors and locals alike. They responsibly source their beans from all over the world by working closely with importers, exporters, and farms to get the best beans possible. In 2019 alone, Grassroots Coffee roasted 45,000 lbs. of coffee. Featured in our South Georgia gift box, their top-selling "Bean Me Up, Scotty" blend was named in a customer contest and is the smoothest cup of coffee you will ever enjoy.

Stripling's General Store

With a history dating back to 1964, Stripling's General Store has been a staple for travelers and locals alike throughout South Georgia. With a process that uses the whole hog and a perfected blend of signature seasonings, Stripling's is best known for their sausage and produces 300,000 lbs. of their small-batch sausage each year. While still being a full-line grocery store filled with locally-made Georgia Grown products, Stripling's has branched beyond their first location in Warwick and now has locations throughout the state. Our South Georgia gift box features Stripling's General Store Beef Jerky which they make about 35,000 lbs. of each year. 

We had such a great time on our Tour of Georgia stop in South Georgia. To have your own journey from the comfort of your home, shop our South Georgia gift box here. 

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Sunshine & Sunflowers: The Last Adventure of Summer 2020

Sunshine & Sunflowers: The Last Adventure of Summer 2020

The Georgia Crafted Peaches (and mini-Peaches) are loading up and having one last Explore Georgia adventure before Summer 2020 ends.

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