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2021 Gift Guide: White Elephants Gifts Under $25

2021 Gift Guide: White Elephants Gifts Under $25


Searching for the perfect White Elephant gift that will be stolen as many times as possible? We’ve rounded up five gift boxes under $25 that will be the hit of the White Elephant holiday party. 

  1. Hot Cocoa Kit - Christmas is almost upon us and there is nothing better than Hot Cocoa while cozying up to the fire! Purchase this delicious Hot Cocoa Kit for your friends, family, clients or even make it the perfect White Elephant Gift!
  2. Cookies with Santa Gift Box - Who doesn't love Cookies with Santa? Celebrate the best holiday of them all with this special edition "Cookies with Santa" gift box. Each box comes complete with: Dr. Pete’s Sugar Cookie Mix, a Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter by Heirloomed, and a Jardi Chocolates Hot Cocoa Bomb. 
  3. Southern Snack Attack Box - Our new and improved Southern Snack Attack Gift Box is the perfect gift for your incoming guests, college kids, client meeting or for you to keep around the house! 
  4. Movie Night Gift Box - Our Movie Night gift box is the perfect gift to accompany a Christmas movie marathon. It includes Simply Salted Popcorn, Old Fashioned Caramel Corn, Pimento Cheese Popcorn, and Kettle Corn. 
  5. Just Breathe Gift Box - Let's face it, we can all agree that 2020 and 2021 have been tough years for everyone. Send that special someone in your life our latest "Just Breathe" Gift Box. It is bound to ease their frustration, lift their spirits and help them relax and Just Breathe!
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2021 Gift Guide: Gifts Under $50

2021 Gift Guide: Gifts Under $50


A meaningful gift doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve rounded up 10 gift boxes filled with Georgia-made favorites for anyone on your list – all for under $50!


  1. Holiday Baking Gift Box - This holiday season, spend some quality time with your family and friends doing some cookie & dessert baking! This new Holiday Baking Gift Box comes complete with: Sugar Cookie Mix by Dr. Pete's, Milk Chocolate Sugar Buzz Cookie Mix by Curly Sue's, Chocolate Chewy Square Mix by Dr. Pete's, Candy Cane Cookie Cutter by Heirloomed, and Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter by Heirloomed.
  2. 2021 Holiday Gift Box - 2021 has been quite the year hasn't it (didn't we say that in 2020?)! Why not send someone this delicious Holiday Gift Box, filled with some of the most delicious Holiday treats! Each holiday gift box comes complete with delicious artisan-made snacks.
  3. Bloody Mary Gift Box - This holiday season, stock the Bloody Mary Bar with these delicious treats that will make your bloody mary taste incredible! Each "Bloody Mary Bar" Gift Box comes with: Sister's Sauce Bloody Mary Mix, Okies, Bacon Infused Salt, Beef Stick, and Southern Straws (Because...why not?).
  4. Christmas Movie Marathon Gift Box - National Lampoon's Vacation? Elf? A Christmas Story? The Grinch? Whichever Christmas movie is queued up for your next movie night, we have you covered with the best "Christmas Movie Marathon" Snacks! 
  5. Made In Georgia Baby Gift Box - Welcome a new bundle of joy with our latest "Made in Georgia" Baby Gift Box.  Each box comes complete with a baby/newborn hat, onesie (3-6 months) and "Baby on Board" Car Magnet.
  6. Flavor of Georgia Gift Box -  The Flavor of Georgia is a "food product contest for established or market-ready foods and beverages made in the state", sponsored by UGA. In this "Flavor of Georgia" gift box, we are featuring 4 winning products!
  7. Holiday Spa Gift Box - The holiday season is stressful but this gift box filled with Georgia-made relaxation essentials will help you unwind.
  8. Holiday Hostess Gift Box - This holiday season, bring the hostess of your party this fun and adorable Holiday Hostess Gift Box! Each box comes packed with: Southern Straws, Sugar Cookie Baking Mix, Candy Cane Cookie Cutter, and Red/White Striped Kitchen Towel. 
  9. Sweet & Savory Gift Box - Can't decide between sweet & savory snacks? Just choose both! Your Georgia Crafted Peaches have put together a fantastic combination of Sweet & Savory Snacks for this holiday season!
  10. “But First Coffee” Gift Box - This new "But First, Coffee" Gift Box is the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life (or yourself!) Featuring the Atlanta Landmark Coffee Mug, by Natty Michelle Paperie and "Bean Me Up, Scotty" Coffee by Grassroots Coffee Company.
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Gift Guide: For the Mom Who Loves to Brunch

Gift Guide: For the Mom Who Loves to Brunch


Does the mom in your life love hosting brunch with close friends and family? Build her the perfect gift box to have the best Georgia-made brunch imaginable. Simply, add all of these products to your cart and build a Mother’s Day gift box made for the mom who loves to brunch. 

Sister’s Sauce Bloody Mary Mix

No brunch is complete without a good Bloody Mary! Sister’s Sauce is a clean bloody mary mix handcrafted in Georgia. This delicious mix has no secret ingredients, is gluten and fat free with no MSG, additives, or high fructose corn syrup; it’s just a classic, simple bloody mary mix. 

Phickles House Pickles

These delicious pickles are the perfect pairing in your Sister’s Sauce Bloody Mary. Made with sliced cucumbers pickled with fresh dill, whole garlic and fresh jalapeño, these pickles are the best bloody mary garnish and are all-natural, gluten-free, vegan, and contain no added sugar.

Biron Herbal Teas Earl Grey Gold Black Tea

If your mom loves to serve a good spot of tea at her brunch, Biron Herbal Teas Early Grey Gold Black Tea is the perfect addition to her Mother’s Day brunch box. Not only does it taste smooth and delicious, this tea contains antioxidants and naturally occurring fluoride, which promotes strong teeth and bones while the Calendula petals provide skin-healing, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.


Grassroots Coffee Bean Me Up Scotty Blend

A personal favorite of our owner and head Georgia Crafted Peach, Erin Zwigart, Grassroots Coffee Bean Me Up Scotty coffee blend is smooth, nutty, and has a nice finish. A delicious blend of Central and South American coffees, a cup of this delicious coffee is the best way to kick off Mother’s Day.

Nora Mill Granary Grandma’s Biscuit & Pancake Mix

Forget charcuterie boards! The trendiest brunches include pancake boards for everyone to graze. The secret to making perfect pancakes for your social-worthy pancake board? Nora Mill Granary’s Grandma's Buttermilk Biscuits & Pancake Baking Mix! This mix is so complete that you only add water to make old fashioned, homemade, pancakes or biscuits. 

Bfit Bfly Hemp Blueberry Granola

You must have a healthy option for the brunch guest with fitness goals and Bfit Bfly Hemp Seed & Blueberry Granola is the perfect choice. The star of this granola are the hemp seeds. These little seeds are a complete source of protein with healthy fats and fiber. Mixing this with dried blueberries and the wonderful crunch of sprouted oats will have you feeling good and be a highlight for your brunch guests.

Emily G’s Jalapeno Raspberry Jam

A delicious jam is a great addition to any brunch spread. Emily G’s Jalapeno Raspberry Jam is crafted with spicy jalapenos blended with sun-kissed raspberries. You can use this jam to create an easy appetizer when paired with cream cheese or brie or for a more savory option, pair with shrimp, chicken, or pork. 


Unicoi Preserves Cherry Key Lime Spread

You can’t go wrong with a Unicoi Preserves spread at your next brunch! Their Cherry Key Lime spread is our favorite flavor choice for the warm Spring and Summer months. Made with luscious tart cherries, key lime juice and love in the mountains of Georgia, this spread is delicious paired with biscuits or your favorite cheese and charcuterie.

Want to build a gift box that fits your mom’s personality and hobbies? Shop our inventory of 260+ Georgia-made products.

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Add Some Pumpkin Spice to Your Life

Add Some Pumpkin Spice to Your Life

Add Some Pumpkin Spice to Your Life

It’s Pumpkin Spice season, y’all!

Well, the cold front folks kept telling us about finally made its way to the Peach State which means we’re ready to wear blanket scarves, sweaters, and duck boots while sipping on a delicious pumpkin spice latte.

Fall Feelings

That’s right! Pumpkin Spice is back and it’s here to stay. Honestly, your Georgia Crafted Peaches don’t care how “basic” people call it. We LOVE our Pumpkin Spice.

That’s why we have curated our Limited-Edition Pumpkin Spice gift box for all the obsessed PSL lovers like us.

Pumpkin Spice Gift Box

This gift box includes everything a Pumpkin Spice lover needs to get through Autumn 2019 including soap, coffee, and a mug to show your PSL love.

You'll Love This A (Pumpkin Spice) Latte

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Perky Moose Pumpkin Spice Latte Mix

This box includes a package of Perky Moose Pumpkin Spice Latte Mix, which is the perfect blend of creamy pumpkin, fragrant spices, and the best hint of vanilla. Plus, you can save your bucks and have enough Pumpkin Spice to last you through the whole season instead of grabbing one Venti.

Caffeine and Pumpkin Spice, Please

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Jumpin Goat Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Forget about spending your hard-earned bucks at that Star place! With this bag of Jumpin Goat Pumpkin Spice Coffee, you can make your own delicious brew that you can feel good about. Instead of supporting a big corporation, you can support local artisans and the local Georgia economy, all with your daily cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee.

Oh My Gourd! Pumpkin Spice Soap

Pumpkin Spice Soap

Belham & Co Pumpkin Spice Soap

Now you can stop and smell the Pumpkin Spice every time you wash your hands! Belham & Co Pumpkin Spice soap is the answer to all of your pumpkin spice prayers. One of a kind, with tons of delicious pumpkin scent, a bit of sweetness and a bit of spice, this soap contains real pumpkin puree for a hint of natural color, scent, and skin-loving beta-carotene.

Give 'Em Pumpkin to Talk About

Pumpkin Everything Mug

Sweet Goldie Bee Pumpkin Everything Campfire Mug

If you want to take your PSL to the next level, show your love for “everything pumpkin” with this adorable campfire mug. Hand-lettered and cut into waterproof, permanent vinyl, this mug is the PERFECT cup to sip your Pumpkin Spice out of every morning. We promise it’s ready for your Instagram feed. Just add a comfy sweater and a quote about Fall for a caption. 

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

If you love Pumpkin Spice (or know someone who’s obsessed with everything pumpkin), order our Limited-Edition Pumpkin Spice gift box. We only have a limited quantity so add a little bit of Pumpkin Spice to your life and order this gift box TODAY.

Pumpkin Spice Gift Box

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My Keto Week from a Carb-Loving Georgia Peach

My Keto Week from a Carb-Loving Georgia Peach

I was raised in Southwest Georgia where there were at least two carbs at every meal and a pitcher of sweet tea ready to be poured by family and friends alike at the dinner table.

As I am preparing for my wedding this upcoming November, I realized that this habit would not help me feel my best on one of the most important and most photographed days of my life.

After becoming familiar with the Keto diet from a friend, I decided to give it a try. I will admit that after hearing about this diet I thought it was just another fad such as the grapefruit juice diet or South Beach Diet that was not a day at the beach for lack of a better cliché.

The Keto diet’s premise surrounds a low carb, high fat diet that causes your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates.

Individuals who swear by the diet have stated that you reach a sense of euphoria after being on the diet for a week or so.

I’m sorry but this idea made me a little skeptical of such a great diet that emphasizes little to NO carbs. However, it’s worth a shot to at least try the diet for a week for the sake of November 10, 2018.

After purchasing a Georgia Crafted Keto Deluxe Box, I had an arsenal of snacks and meal ideas to effectively begin THE KETO DIET.

Day 1: To be perfectly honest, day one was not as bad as I anticipated, but it included a lot of hunger and stomach growling. Unknown to my fiancé, we were in this together so he would be forced to eat the same dinner as my Keto-focused self.

The dinner consisted of lettuce wraps featuring Dinner Tonight! Burger seasoned burgers with a few slices of tomatoes and some special keto sauce. The folks at Wholesome Yum said that this recipe would taste like a Big Mac without the bread. With a sauce combination of mayo, white vinegar, mustard, paprika, and pickles, I must say that I didn’t miss Mickey D’s in the slightest.

Day 2: Day one began with optimism but on Day two the carb withdrawals began to hit. I wanted nothing more than a slice of bread. It didn’t even have to have anything on it. I went to the grocery store for a few groceries and I kid you not I could smell the bread from six aisles away.

However, I persevered and made it through day two with a little help from a Keto-approved fruit dip recipe perfect for strawberry dipping. With greek yogurt, Georgia Grinder Honey Almond Butter from my Georgia Crafted Keto box, and a little bit of honey, I whipped up a dip that tasted almost like cookie butter without the guilt.

Day 3: Because the weekend was over, it was back to work for me and hopefully a space free of carb-filled distractions. With the help of Front Porch Pecans Sea Salt Pecans from my Keto Box sitting beside my monitor at my desk, I could thoughtfully snack and keep myself full and focused without traveling to the temptation riddled break room.

Day 4: Ah! Day four was not a breeze but this no carb thing is getting a little easier. I still daydream about Oreos and find myself drooling after scrolling to a Tasty video on my Facebook feed but I have not broken. I am a Keto-strong warrior! I prepared an “I can’t believe it’s not a chocolate shake” smoothie with Nourished in 5 Back to the Basics Plant Protein powder from my Keto box to get my day off to a wonderful start.

Day 5: When I wake up in the morning, I feel less bloat and more confidence. I head back to the office with Striplings General Store Beef Jerky to help me have a protein-packed snack throughout the day.

My energy has increased, and I feel ready to hit the gym after work. Most of the time, I feel too sluggish to do anything but eat then sleep after a long day at the office. However, after participating in the Keto diet, I feel ready to run on the elliptical for about half an hour.

Day 6: The sense of euphoria has not quite been reached but I do feel better and ready to tackle the day. I enjoy a protein-packed breakfast featuring a sweet potato toast recipe from Little Bits of Real Food and Real Talk covered in Georgia Grinders NaturAlmond Honey Almond butter and a few banana slices.

Day 7: The week is already over? I survived without inhaling an entire row of Oreo cookies?

I am pretty proud of myself but prouder of the Keto diet. Although I felt as if this diet was simply a bunch of hype created by fit influensters and bloggers, I must say that this diet works even for a carb-loving Georgia Peach.

Without the help of the Georgia Crafted gift box for snack and gift ideas, I would not have had the perfect catalyst to begin this healthier lifestyle. I am excited to continue this Keto journey until my wedding in 9 months and plan on getting another Georgia Crafted Keto box to help me reach my health and fitness goals.

For anyone considering the Keto diet, living with little carbs is not an easy feat and the first few days will consist of foggy thoughts and a little hunger.

Research low-carb recipes that fit your tastes and preferences, and check out the Georgia Crafted Keto and Keto Deluxe Gift boxes as well as the Keeping it Keto section of their site.

You’ll gain plenty of delicious snack and meal ideas while also supporting small businesses throughout Georgia including Georgia Crafted.

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Think Inside the Box

Think Inside the Box

At Georgia Crafted, we aren't strictly B.Y.O.B., but we do give you that option. Our B.Y.O.B. may not stand for the same words you might be thinking of, but we promise our Build Your Own Box option can be just as fun.

Why Should You Build Your Own Box?

There are three reasons why Building Your Own Box can be the best option for your gift giving.

Budget: The holidays are tough and money's tight. With our B.Y.O.B. option, you control how much you spend on each person on your gift list. By choosing the items yourself, it's easier to make sure that you stay within your holiday spending budget.

Personalization: Giving gifts is no fun if you know your Georgia Crafted Peaches picked out all of your box's products. You can make your gift more personalized and cater to the receiver's likes, favorites, and personality.

Preferences: If you have a certain theme in mind for your gift box, but still want to control the price and personalization, you can sort our products based on categories such as city or product type. We have Georgia made products to fit any theme from Marietta to spa days to food.

How do you create your own box?
It's as simple as 1, 2, 3, and 4.

1. Go to the Build a Gift Box tab on the GeorgiaCrafted.com homepage.

2. Next, select the shop by city or shop by type options if you want to create a themed gift box.

3. Select the products you wish to go into your gift box and add them to your cart. You can always keep a running total of all of the products in your box by simply clicking on your cart in the right hand corner.

4. Finally, after you've created the PERFECT gift box, proceed to checkout where you will have the option to create a special message for your friend or family member who will receive the box.

There's no better or easier way to win the holidays than giving your own personalized Georgia Crafted gift boxes to everyone on your list. You will definitely receive texts, phone calls, and emails about how thoughtful, wonderful, and possibly scrumptious your Fresh Picked Gift Box items were. If you're ready to get started, click the image below to begin building the perfect box for your friends or family.

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2017 Flavor of Georgia Gift Box Now Available at Norcross Hallmark

2017 Flavor of Georgia Gift Box Now Available at Norcross Hallmark

Hallmark holiday shopping just got a whole lot better with our 2017 Flavor of Georgia Gift Box available in-store Nov 18 at Norcross! Stop by for a meet-and-greet with our founder, Erin Zwigart, and the chance to stock up on personal holiday gifts. 
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Happy Thanksgiving Gift Boxes: Complete Flavor Breakdown

Happy Thanksgiving Gift Boxes: Complete Flavor Breakdown

There's always something to be thankful for, and this week it's our family-style Thanksgiving Gift Boxes. From cranberry pepper jelly to crispy cheese straws, we've got all your comfort food favorites that family, friends, and clients will be thrilled to receive.

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5 Personalized Corporate Gifts That Support Local Artisans

5 Personalized Corporate Gifts That Support Local Artisans

We KNOW your employees don't need another company mug. Make corporate gifting special this year with a tailored box of Georgia goodies!
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February Box Reveal

February Box Reveal

Our February subscription box was full of our current favorite sweet treats! In fact, we loved it so much that we're adding it for purchase in the Curated Gift Box section of our site: Sweet on the Morning Gift Box.

Let's see what's inside! And if you're a subscriber, remember to tag us @georgiacrafted on Instagram or Facebook when you receive your box!

Haven't subscribed yet? Check out the 1, 3, and 6 month subscription options on our Subscribe page!

Sweet on the Morning Gift Box image

Peach Cobbler Pancake & Waffle Mix

Southern Culture - Decatur, GA

With all-organic cobbler peaches this mix makes for a sweet and spot-on hybrid of cobbler and our fluffy pancake/waffle mix. Serve a la mode for an even more authentic cobbler taste.

Find it on our site here: Peach Cobbler Pancake & Waffle Mix

Strawberry Vanilla Spread

Unicoi Preserves - Sautee Nacoochee, GA

Our interpretation of a childhood favorite. Sun kissed strawberries with a hint of warm vanilla. This spread pairs well with aged white cheddar cheese or your breakfast ham biscuit.

Find it on our site here: Strawberry Vanilla Spread

Pecan Dark Chocolate Toffee

Blue Ridge Candy Co - Blue Ridge, GA

This dark chocolate toffee is handcrafted using only the freshest ingredients.  We combine roasted pecans from south Georgia, sweet creamy butter, and the finest cane sugar to guarantee pure goodness in every bite. The toffee is enrobed in rich Belgian dark chocolate that is 66% pure cacao. Gluten free.

Also a 2016 Flavor of Georgia finalist!

Find it on our site here: Pecan Dark Chocolate Toffee

Raspberry Drizzle Soap

Rinse Bath & Body - Monroe, GA

Raspberry Drizzle soap balances the sweetness of chocolate with tart raspberries. Although this soap sounds good enough to eat, please refrain and let your skin have the treat!

Find it on our site here: Raspberry Drizzle Soap

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December Box Reveal

December Box Reveal

Happy New Year, Georgians and Georgia lovers! I know you've probably moved past the holidays by now, but we need to take a quick look back for our December Subscription Box Reveal!

If you missed out on the December box, we're taking orders through January 31, so you can get on the bandwagon to receive our February subscription box! Subscribe here: Georgia Crafted Subscription Boxes. 1, 3, and 6 month options available.

December subscription box contents

Our December subscription box was focused on sweet treats for the holidays. We hope everyone enjoyed these premium artisan-made treats and products from all around our great state of Georgia! Did you share the chocolates, or keep them all to yourself? ;)

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Blue Ridge Candy Company, Blairsville, GA

These caramels were a Flavor of Georgia finalist in 2016, and you'll understand why after just one taste. Hand-crafted with premium ingredients in small batches, delicious without being too sweet... we can't say enough good things about these caramels! They're also gluten-free and Kosher.

Order another box of them here: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Peppermint Pucker Stick

Rinse Bath & Body, Monroe, GA

We love Rinse's Pucker Stick lip balms because they are smooth and long lasting, but never sticky.  The peppermint flavor comes from peppermint essential oil.

Find this favorite on our site here: Peppermint Lip Balm

Caramel Pretzel Bark

Chamberlain's Chocolates, Norcross, GA

This gourmet Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel Bark is hand-crafted in Norcross, GA with the finest quality chocolate. It's a great mix of salty, sweet, and crunchy!

Find it on our site here: Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel Bark

Twisted Pecans

Cleveland Organics, Fort Valley, GA

*or* (depending on when you ordered)

Gourmet Cinnamon Sugar Pecans

Goodson Pecans, Leesburg, GA

These tasty treats are a special blend of sugar and cinnamon covered over pecans, grown on the Goodson family farm in South Georgia. They are addictive!

Find them on our site here (currently sold out!): Cinnamon Sugar Pecans


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October Box Reveal

October Box Reveal

Our October Georgia On My Mind subscription box includes an incredible collection of 4 Georgia-made products. We curated this box in partnership with the Georgia Department of Tourism. It was listed as a themed Gift Box on our site for the holidays, and it was so popular that it sold out! (Sad that you missed it? Email us at hello@georgiacrafted.com and let us know that we need to reorder!)

Our subscription boxes are a great value at $29.99. You can try out a subscription for just 1 month. Or if you subscribe for our 6 month option, the price drops to just $26.99 per month... wow! To compare, the full retail price of the Georgia On My Mind gift box was $34.99 plus shipping. We really give our subscribers a great deal!

Now, on to the contents of the October subscription box!

Georgia On My Mind box contents

Gallberry Honey

The Honey Shack, Homerville, GA

A full-sized 16 oz. jar of pure Gallberry honey from South Georgia. Did you know that Gallberry honey is unique to southern Georgia and northern Florida?

Find it on our site here: Gallberry Honey

Sweet Georgia Soul BBQ Sauce

Southern Soul Barbeque, St. Simons Island, GA

This large 14 oz. jar of barbecue sauce was a big hit on our site over the holiday season. The sauce is sweet and tangy, with a kick of mustard.... a true crowd pleaser!

Find it on our site here (currently sold out!): Sweet GA Soul BBQ Sauce

Georgia "On My Mind" kitchen towel

French Silver, Marietta, GA

Georgia “On my mind” tea towel, printed onto a lint-free, 100% cotton, unbleached flour sack towel. The towel measures approximately 30"x 30". Great as a kitchen towel or in the bathroom as a hand towel.

Find it on our site here: Georgia On My Mind Towel

and to round it out, a Georgia on my Mind CD filled with amazing Georgia classic songs.

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