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5 Personalized Corporate Gifts That Support Local Artisans

5 Personalized Corporate Gifts That Support Local Artisans

It’s no secret that at Georgia Crafted, we’re all about appreciating the underdogs, whether it’s local Georgia artisans or hardworking employees. After all, both deserve personal recognition, and with the holidays fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to show it with corporate gifts!  

Unfortunately, corporate gifting has funneled down to the same yawn-worthy presents every year. You probably know them well: restaurant gift cards, company apparel, novelty office supplies, on and on.


That’s why we’ve rounded up our top corporate gifts to show employees how much you value them, not just as workers but as family members and human beings. What’s more, all of these gifts benefit Georgia artisans who make a difference in our local communities. It’s a win-win-win!

So as we enter the giving season, keep in mind that every member of your office family deserves to be treated with a homemade gift. Let’s get started!



The Sports Fan


This person is always ready to discuss last night’s game and his office may double as a shrine to his favorite team. He’s also back at his alma mater every other weekend for college game day and if we’re talking Georgia, chances are he’s a diehard bulldog or yellow jackets fan! But what really makes him special is how this employee’s natural competitive edge and sportsmanship come across in his work. When projects pile up, he’s ready to take the lead, but also knows how to blow off steam by hosting a quick game of Frisbee or starting an office fantasy football league. Overall, how to be a team player is something he values in and out of the office.


It’s Time to Tailgate Gift Box

Sure, tickets to a game might be nice for one evening, but why not give your employee something he can enjoy for several games? That’s where we come in with our It’s Time to Tailgate Gift Box! Packed with homegrown goodies, this corporate gift is everything a sports fan needs to host a killer tailgate cookout. We’ll even ship within the next 24 hours so he can be prepared for the next big home game!  



The Overachiever  


Always the first to arrive and the last to leave, this employee is a hardworking machine and you don’t know what you’d do without her. She can lead conference calls, crank through status reports, and deliver hour-long presentations without breaking a sweat and keeps up a winning attitude the entire time. You’ll also find the largest travel coffee cup known to man on her desk and an organized sticky note system decorating her cubicle. In short, if anyone needs some office recognition, it’s this person.


Southern Spa Gift Box

No corporate gift says “you’ve earned the night off” better than our Southern Spa Gift Box! Show your office overachiever some well-deserved appreciation with our stress-reducing artisan goodies, including orange blossom body lotion, white peach vanilla soap, and more! This Southern-inspired gift is just what your employee needs to unwind, recharge, and return to work more empowered than ever before.



The Tastemaker


To say this employee appreciates the finer things in life would be an understatement. An avid magazine subscriber, this person is continually voted “best dressed” and always brings in the most Instagram-worthy lunches. He may also serve as head of the party planning committee and his massive Twitter and Facebook followings have earned him the role of Social Media Maverick. Above all, this employee is always ahead of the game in terms of personal style, industry trends, and work habits.


Flavor of Georgia Gift Box

What better way to indulge this employee’s love of high-quality things than with our Flavor of Georgia Gift Box? Loaded with award-winning goodies from UGA’s Flavor of Georgia Contest, this gift is sure to earn your tastemaker’s approval with treats like Georgia Grinder’s All-Natural Pecan Butter, H.L. Franklin’s Wildflower Honey, and much more!  



The Life of The Party


It’s impossible to be gloomy around this employee's electric personality. A natural people-person, she loves getting to know new clients and can usually see the bright side to any work-related problem. She also has the best stories from over the weekend and is always up for grabbing a beer after work, not to mention how she can amp up any holiday party or team retreat. Overall, you can count on this person’s unlimited positive energy to turn any bad day, or challenging project, around.


Just Add Cheese Gift Box

Not only is this employee down for a good time, but her social butterfly personality also make her an excellent hostess. Play to these strengths by passing along our Just Add Cheese Gift Box! Perfect for office gift exchanges, this box includes artisan-made supplies and treats any party-thrower will enjoy, including our Georgia-shaped Bamboo Cheese Board and Unicoi Preserves’ Salted Caramel Peach Spread. Trust us, she’ll be thrilled to break out these classy goodies at your next office shindig.



The True Southerner


Every office can benefit from a little Southern charm and this employee is practically oozing it. She may or may not have an adorable accent from her North Georgia hometown and often has a warm, motherly influence on your team. This person also has impeccable manners and never fails to greet you in the morning and wish you goodnight as you’re heading out. To top if off, her drink of choice is sweet tea (obviously) and she insists on wearing three extra layers if the weather dips below 70 degrees.


Southern Snack Attack Gift Box

Everybody needs a drawer of energy-boosting office snacks and we guarantee our Southern Snack Attack Gift Box is right up this employee’s alley. Not only is this gift bursting with sweet and salty flavors like kettle corn, cheese straws, and sriracha peanuts, but it also comes with an information card detailing the Southern backstory of each product. Essentially, this is a gift that comes from the heart and your employee will no doubt appreciate the personal gesture.  


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