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Georgia Crafted Guide to a College Care Package

Georgia Crafted Guide to a College Care Package

Not sure how to build the perfect Care Package for your college student? Check out your Georgia Crafted Peaches' Guide to building the PERFECT gift box to give your freshman or seasoned student a little comfort from home.
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Think Inside the Box

Think Inside the Box

At Georgia Crafted, we aren't strictly B.Y.O.B., but we do give you that option. Our B.Y.O.B. may not stand for the same words you might be thinking of, but we promise our Build Your Own Box option can be just as fun.

Why Should You Build Your Own Box?

There are three reasons why Building Your Own Box can be the best option for your gift giving.

Budget: The holidays are tough and money's tight. With our B.Y.O.B. option, you control how much you spend on each person on your gift list. By choosing the items yourself, it's easier to make sure that you stay within your holiday spending budget.

Personalization: Giving gifts is no fun if you know your Georgia Crafted Peaches picked out all of your box's products. You can make your gift more personalized and cater to the receiver's likes, favorites, and personality.

Preferences: If you have a certain theme in mind for your gift box, but still want to control the price and personalization, you can sort our products based on categories such as city or product type. We have Georgia made products to fit any theme from Marietta to spa days to food.

How do you create your own box?
It's as simple as 1, 2, 3, and 4.

1. Go to the Build a Gift Box tab on the GeorgiaCrafted.com homepage.

2. Next, select the shop by city or shop by type options if you want to create a themed gift box.

3. Select the products you wish to go into your gift box and add them to your cart. You can always keep a running total of all of the products in your box by simply clicking on your cart in the right hand corner.

4. Finally, after you've created the PERFECT gift box, proceed to checkout where you will have the option to create a special message for your friend or family member who will receive the box.

There's no better or easier way to win the holidays than giving your own personalized Georgia Crafted gift boxes to everyone on your list. You will definitely receive texts, phone calls, and emails about how thoughtful, wonderful, and possibly scrumptious your Fresh Picked Gift Box items were. If you're ready to get started, click the image below to begin building the perfect box for your friends or family.

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