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Happy Thanksgiving Gift Boxes: Complete Flavor Breakdown

Happy Thanksgiving Gift Boxes: Complete Flavor Breakdown

"Thanksgiving" is a word of action, which is why we're proud to present our new Happy Thanksgiving Gift Box and Happy Thanksgiving Deluxe Gift Box to help you share the local love.


Stuffed with comfort food favorites, these goodies represent six Georgia communities, each one with a unique flavor and family story to bring to the table. 


So whether you're attending an office potluck, visiting loved ones, wooing a new client, or hosting an amazing Friendsgiving, our personalized gift boxes are sure to bring a close-knit feel to your festivities. Read on for the full rundown on all our Thanksgiving treats. 



Cranberry Pepper Jelly

Wisham Jellies | Tifton, Georgia

A true Thanksgiving favorite, Wisham Jellies' cranberry pepper jelly is bursting with sweet and tart flavors guaranteed to bring up family nostalgia for past Thanksgivings. A Flavor of Georgia 2015 winner, this treat is the perfect addition to your turkey and dressing or pre-dinner cheese plate. You can even add a couple scoops to French Toast or chicken pot pie after all the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone. 


Praline Mustard Glaze (Available Only in Deluxe)

Dr. Pete's | Ailey, Georgia

For a Thanksgiving dinner rich in bold, Southern flavor, you can't go wrong with Dr. Pete's gluten-free Praline Mustard Glaze. A tasteful mingling of brown sugar, mustard, pecans, and spices, this go-to ingredient delivers a crowning touch to chicken, pork, and beef. Not to mention its fabulous use for cheese-inspired appetizers and melt-in-your-mouth desserts, like Dr. Pete's Praline Sweet Potato Casserole and Peach-and-Praline Crisp. Hop over to their website for more knockout recipes, including glazed ham and corned beef.


Savannah Bloody Mary Mix

Savannah Beverage and Brinery | Savannah, Georgia

Coming to us from husband and wife culinary team,¬†Jeremy Diehl and Kelly Yambor, your Thanksgiving party guests will love sipping on this rich Bloody Mary mix before diving into the feast. A mix of traditional Bloody Mary flavors¬†‚Ästground black pepper, garden celery seed, tangy tomato juice, and fresh-squeezed lemon ‚Äď and adds a new layer of¬†earthy, lingering umami.


Toasted Sriracha PecansÔĽŅ¬†(Available Only in Deluxe)

Goodson Pecans | Leesburg, Georgia

For those of you craving pre-Thanksgiving dinner nibbles with a kick, our toasted sriracha pecans have got you covered. Named this year's Flavor of Georgia winning snack food, these babies balance sweet, peppery, and garlic flavors for just enough heat to keep you going back for more. Set them aside in a party bowl or even use them as toppers on your Thanksgiving side salad. 


Crispy Sharp-Cheddar Cheese Straws

Southern Straws | Columbus, Georgia 

Another Thanksgiving treat perfect for grazing before the big meal, our old-fashioned cheddar cheese straws are near addictive if you're not careful. Southern Straws' original flavor, this snack food scored a finalist spot in the 2015 Flavor of Georgia Contest and still packs a punch with a rich cheddar flavor followed by a kick of cayenne. 


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Byrd Cookie Company | Savannah, Georgia

Packed with peanut butter and chocolate chips, these bite-sized cookies are perfect for munching on as a lighter after-dinner treat. Also hailing from Savannah, Byrd's Cookie Company recently celebrated 93 years of baking and is currently run by a fourth generation family member. Heads up though: these crunchy confections are now ONLY available in our Thanksgiving Gift Boxes! 


Now that you know the complete flavor breakdown of both gift boxes, it's time to make your selections. Just remember that we're here to make your local shopping experience fun and easy and to let us know what you want your handwritten note to say with your order!