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Taste the Future: 10-Year-Old Award-Winning Salsa Now Available!

Taste the Future: 10-Year-Old Award-Winning Salsa Now Available!

We are thrilled to announce that we are now carrying a new and exciting product: Sully’s Slammin Fresh Salsa! This delicious salsa is not just any salsa; it’s crafted by a young and talented entrepreneur who is making waves in the culinary world. At only 10 years old, Sully has already achieved something truly remarkable – his salsa won the Best Salsa award at the Flavor of Georgia food competition in 2023.

After running up his parent's credit card with Fortnite charges, Tyler Sullivan had to figure out a way to pay his parents back. The money he was earning through household chores was not enough, so he got creative and decided to attempt to make a batch of fresh salsa with his Dad's recipe and peppers in their backyard garden.

He turned to Facebook Marketplace to start selling his fresh batches and before he knew it, Tyler was selling out every jar. 

The Award-Winning Flavor

The Flavor of Georgia competition is no small feat. It’s a prestigious event that celebrates the best of the state’s food products, and winning an award here is a testament to exceptional quality and taste. Sully’s Slammin Fresh Salsa captivated the judges with its perfect blend of fresh ingredients, balanced heat, and vibrant flavors.


Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

By carrying Sully’s Slammin Fresh Salsa, we’re not only offering our customers an outstanding product but also supporting a young entrepreneur with a bright future. Tyler's story is a powerful reminder that age is no barrier to success and that passion, hard work, and creativity can lead to incredible achievements.

Try It Today!

We invite you to try Sully’s Slammin Fresh Salsa and experience the award-winning flavor for yourself. Whether you’re a salsa aficionado or just looking to add some zest to your meals, Sully’s salsa is sure to become a favorite in your household.

Order up a jar (or two!) of Sully’s Slammin Fresh Salsa. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

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Shop Our Teacher Appreciation C🍎llection

It’s MAYCEMBER, and we can help!

If the end of school countdown (and ALL those events!!) has you a little frazzled, let us help you cross a few items off that never-ending list.

Shop our Teacher Appreciation Collection, and find hand-crafted gifts from local makers.

With over a decade of experience, our gift guidance is sure to score you an A+!

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🌎 Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Finds from Georgia Crafted! 🌿

🌎 Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Finds from Georgia Crafted! 🌿

Hey y'all, this Earth Day, let's honor our beautiful planet with some eco-conscious choices, made right here in Georgia! We've got a selection of sustainable and locally-made goodies that are perfect for showing some love to Mother Earth while treating yourself or your loved ones. 🌺

Check out our earth-friendly picks:

🐝 Bee Goodness: Our selection of local honey is not just delicious, it's a sweet tribute to the hardworking Georgia bees and the eco-system they support.

Pure Honey by The Honey Shack

🍑 Peach Preserves: Spread the love with preservatives made from Georgia Grown peaches—a tasty way to support sustainable farming.

Peach Preserves by Prissy's of Vidalia

🕯️ Soy Candles: Set the mood and breathe easy with our handcrafted soy candles. They burn cleaner than traditional candles, and they smell absolutely amazing.

Love & Lemons Candle by Things UnCommon

🌰 Handmade Soaps: Indulge in our natural soaps made with ingredients that are kind to your skin and the environment. It's self-care with a clear conscience!

Check out our handmade soaps here!

So let's get together and make a difference this Earth Day, y'all. Every little bit helps, and with these Georgia Crafted products, you're supporting local businesses while caring for our planet. That's what we call a win-win! 🌍💚

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A Celebration of Flavor: Honoring Georgia's Culinary Artisans 🍑🏅

A Celebration of Flavor: Honoring Georgia's Culinary Artisans 🍑🏅

This week is the event we wait for all year round: The Annual Flavor of Georgia Competition, a spotlight on the most mouthwatering creations our state has to offer!

This coming Thursday, April 4th, the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences’ will sponsor the contest at the Classic Center in Athens, GA.

Flavor of Georgia is more than a contest; it helps promote and showcase the variety and success of food entrepreneurs in the state. Since 2007, more than 1,700 products have been entered into the contest, and participating businesses have experienced increased sales, business contacts, publicity and overall interest in their products.

We're always so tickled when we see the finalist list and it includes products we already carry...and that we will be able to see some very familiar faces, makers of other amazing products that we carry on georgiacrafted.com.

Right now, we're cheering on some top-tier contenders in this year's face-off.
First up, we've got the fizzy and fabulous "Peches" Georgia peach soda from
New Creation Soda Works. It's bubbling its way to the top as a finalist in the Beverage Category with every sip promising a sweet ode to Georgia's signature fruit. 🥤🍑

Then, there's the savory kick of Buffalo Ranch Popcorn by Cork's Popcorn, which is poppin' its way to fame as a finalist in the Snack Category. One handful is all it takes to understand why—it's a flavor fiesta that's impossible to resist! 🍿🌶️

But hold on, because the delicious train doesn't stop there. We're also toasting to some phenomenal past finalists and winners that you can find right on our website:

- HIBO Energize Original Superdrink by HIBO (2023 Beverage Winner)

- Oconee Gold White Sauce by Oconee Gold (2023 BBQ Sauce Winner)

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Woodpecker Trail Olive Farm (2023 Miscellaneous Winner)

- Vanilla Fried Peanut Cluster by Georgia Fried Peanut Company (2020 Confections Winner)

- Sorta White Sauce by Lanes BBQ (2018 BBQ Sauce Winner)

- Georgia Pecan Shortbread by Watanut (2018 Confections Finalist)

- Sugar & Spice Cashews by Elise Artisan Nuts (formerly High Cotton Cashews)(2018 Snack Winner)

- Southern Cheese Straws by Southern Straws (2015 Snack Finalist)

Each of these delicious creations has a unique story and reflects the innovation and spirit of Georgia's food scene. So when you savor these treats, you're not just enjoying a bite; you're part of a legacy that continues to grow and impress. 🌟

We are proud to carry these delectable products on our website, and invite you to discover why they've captured the hearts (and stomachs!) of so many. Happy exploring, savoring, and supporting these local legends – one taste at a time!

And...good luck to all of the 2024 Finalists! Can't wait to cheer you on!


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Welcome Milltown Bath and Candle to the Georgia Crafted Family!

Welcome Milltown Bath and Candle to the Georgia Crafted Family!

We're thrilled to welcome a new vendor to our Georgia Crafted Family – the wonderful folks at Milltown Bath and Candle in Thomaston, GA!
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Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day!

Today is a beautiful day to honor the incredible women who craft the heart and soul into the products we adore. In celebration of International Women's Day, we're showcasing our talented women makers we partner with here at Georgia Crafted.
These ladies are the backbone of creativity and community, infusing love into every item they create. From savory jams to sweet confections, from artisan teas to handcrafted beauty essentials, these women do it all with grace and gusto.
We want to give a big shoutout to: 
Margaret with Southern Straws
Susan and Laura with SusanSnaps
Diane with Grits Bits
Suzi with Unicoi Preserves
Ashley with Heirloomed
Stephanie with Stuckey's Pecans
Megan with Hale Tea
Lori with Georgia Jams
Laura with Malvi Mallow
Lisa with Elise Artisan Nuts
Suzie with Beautiful Briny Sea
Jennifer with Emily G's
Tiffani with Barlow's Foods
Cari with Salacia Salts
Alisa with Bella Cucina
Heather with Rinse Bath & Body
Monica with The Chai Box
Lauri with Lauri Jo's
Natalie with NattyMichellePaperie
Tracy with Georgia Sourdough Company
Prissy with Prissy's of Vidalia
Andi with Biron Teas
Erin with Things UnCommon
Let's support and uplift them today and every day, because when women thrive, we all do. Here's to strong women: may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them, and may we support them. 💪💕
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Meet Georgia Jams: A Local Artisanal Delight

Meet Georgia Jams: A Local Artisanal Delight

Meet the Maker: Lori Bean, Owner/Founder of Georgia Jams.
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Erin Zwigart, CEO of Georgia Crafted, Aquires "Things UnCommon"

Erin Zwigart, CEO of Georgia Crafted, Aquires "Things UnCommon"

We are thrilled to announce an exciting development in the world of local artisanal goods. Erin Zwigart, the visionary owner of Georgia Crafted (www.georgiacrafted.com), has made a significant move by acquiring Things UnCommon (www.things-uncommon.com). This strategic acquisition marks a significant expansion of her decade-long commitment to promoting and supporting local artisans, makers, and crafters, and providing accessibility to their unique creations for consumers across the country.

"Things UnCommon is all about infusing your daily routine with laughter and charm with their custom-line of soy candles, tote bags, aprons and baby onesies," says new owner, Erin Zwigart. "For nearly a decade, Things UnCommon has created and sold soy candles and textiles hand-made from the highest quality natural ingredients right here in Georgia. I am thrilled to be the new owner of this locally-based company!"

Founder of Things UnCommon, Weatherly Munroe, says, When we decided to look for new leadership for Things UnCommon, Erin immediately came to mind. We had worked closely with her over the years to meet her customers' needs, so were well aware of her love for Georgia made handcrafted products. Erin always amazed us with her commitment to perfection, and we couldn’t be happier to see her take Things UnCommon on its journey forward. We can’t wait to watch it’s upward flight!”

With an impressive collection of over 250 locally-made artisan products, Georgia Crafted recently celebrated it's 10th Anniversary and continues to the leading resource for getting locally-produced goods into the hands of consumers across Georgia. Additionally, they count some of Georgia's top businesses among their corporate client list. 

Together, Georgia Crafted and Things UnCommon will continue to champion the creativity and craftsmanship of American artisans while providing customers with an unparalleled selection of unique, high-quality goods. 

To view both current collections of products, visit Things UnCommon at www.things-uncommon.com, and Georgia Crafted at www.georgiacrafted.com
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Q&A with CEO, Erin Zwigart

Q&A with CEO, Erin Zwigart


We caught up with CEO, Erin Zwigart to chat about Georgia Crafted's newly relaunched subscription box and why she's so excited to bring Georgia Crafted back to its roots. 

  1. What made you want to bring the subscription box program back to Georgia Crafted? 

Georgia Crafted was started as a subscription box company and after 4 years of non-stop searching for NEW Georgia-made products, we needed a break. We technically brought back the program late last year, but never made a formal announcement. Now, we have a new logo and new name: The Georgia Crafted Discovery Box.


  1. Georgia Crafted has some amazing products, how did you narrow down your selection for this first box?

August is one of my most favorite months - mainly because it's my Birthday month. :) I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce to our existing and new followers not only some of my favorite items, but what have been some of the best-sellers for the past 9 years. The products we will be including are all staples in my house! :)  


  1. The first box features all “Erin’s Favorites,” what other kind of themed boxes can we look out for in the subscription program?

September is going to be super fun, along the same lines of "Erin's Favorites", we will be introducing to everyone "Lunch Box Favorites". This will be a collection of Georgia-made items that our two girls (ages 10 and 12) love to pack in their lunch boxes...and items we think are perfect for adult lunch boxes too!

October is, as far as we are concerned, the BEST month out of the entire year as we kick off Fall. You will be seeing a completely new collection of Fall favorites.

November will be centered around a Thankful theme.


  1. What’s a brand or product not currently in the Georgia Crafted lineup that you’d love to have included.

I would love to see products from Paula Deen, as she is one of my favorite Southern chefs. I'd also LOVE to find some cheeses that we could ship that are OK to not be refrigerated during the shipping process. 


  1. What’s your biggest hope for the relaunch of the subscription box?

I would love to get back to our roots...share more stories about our makers and finding new people that are really excited about "discovering" Georgia-made goodies. 


  1. What are three words that best describe this relaunch?

Discover Georgia Products.


We Can't Wait. 


  1. What’s your biggest goal for Georgia Crafted over the next year?

I don't want to reveal too much, but we have some REALLY exciting things planned. Think...EXPANSION. ;)  


  1. What brings you the most joy about being CEO for Georgia Crafted?

Relationships. I love, love, love building new relationships with our makers and learning their stories. It has brought me so much joy to meet these folks and I have developed friendships for a lifetime. And, I have to say that sampling new products is pretty darn fun too. :) 


The subscription box can be purchased for 1, 3 or 6 months and is perfect for gifts, or just treating yourself and discovering new Georgia made products. We hope you'll consider subscribing!

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Maker of the Week: Meet Megan Miller of Hale Tea Co.

Maker of the Week: Meet Megan Miller of Hale Tea Co.

With roots tracing back to a humble tea shop in London in 1872, Hale Tea Co. was brought to Savannah in 1989 by the Hale family. Today, Hale Tea Co. is owned and operated by Megan Miller, a self-proclaimed Local Tea Lady. 

Megan believes that tea makes a positive contribution to the body and soul and loves how crafting tea blends combines several of her passions and puts both her left and right brain to work. A local SCAD graduate, she strives to bring tea and design together by working with local artists and purveying the highest quality ingredients. We had the chance to catch up with Megan and ask her a few questions about Hale Tea Co. and what 2022 holds for this small business.

1. When did you develop an interest in making tea blends and why?

    I’ve always been fascinated with tea and the process from farm to cup. There are so many varieties and so many factors that play in the flavor and development of tea. For me, the blending process combines several passions of mine and allows me to use my left and right brain at the same time! 

    2. If you have a cup of tea morning, noon and night, which blends would you personally choose to sip on during those times and why?

    In the morning, I sip on English Breakfast or Darjeeling, the perfect first cup of tea with just the right amount of caffeine to get my morning started! In the afternoon, I treat myself to a latte style tea usually a London Fog with Earl Grey and Lavender. In the evening, I switch between Defense and Relax. Both are naturally caffeine-free herbal blends perfect to wind down my day but full of healthy benefits!

    3. We saw on your Insta page that you went to "paradise" recently on vacation and were getting inspired about new tea blends. Any hints as to what we may see in 2022?

    Saint Lucia definitely was paradise and so needed to remind myself to slow down and enjoy all the little things in life! You can be on the lookout for some exciting new tropical inspired flavors in the summer months! These will be able to be enjoyed iced as well!

    4. Besides sipping on tea, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

    Besides spending time with my husband and son I have developed a passion for baking! I have been experimenting with baking with tea and hope to share some exciting news soon that correlates to this! I also love to travel, it opens up my creativity and is always a lot of inspiration! 

    You can find Hale Tea Co. Defense Herbal Remedy Tea, a delicious Herbal tea that contains apple, ginger, orange peel, peppermint, eucalyptus leaves, sage leaves and elderberry flowers, and their Georgia Peach Tea, high-quality Black Peach tea in a beautiful box featuring a scene of the Savannah bridge. Order both of these amazing teas here. 

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    Maker Monday: Meet Carla Foster, Carson Bryce Trading Company

    Maker Monday: Meet Carla Foster, Carson Bryce Trading Company

    Today’s Maker Monday is extra special because we had the chance to catch up with Carla Foster of Carson Bryce Trading Company.

    Fun fact: Carla was our first-ever artisan partner back in 2013 and we have carried her Atlanta Love, formerly named White Peach Vanilla, soap since. She creates some of the most divine smelling bath & body products.

    Find out more about this lovely maker below.

    1. Who is the inspiration behind "Carson Bryce Trading Company"?
    Carson Bryce Trading Co. Is inspired by my infant son of the same name. Carson Bryce Johnson lived for 30 days. He was born premature. It remains the most traumatic event of my life. However, his life lives on in such a bigger way. Everything I do and make is in his honor.

    2. How have your product creations helped you over the past several years?
    Making products is a healing process for me. I feel my son encouraging me every step of the way. My process of creating is rooted in the love I have for him and my other son Chancellor Troy Johnson. Everything I make is rooted in love!!!!

    3. What has been your all-time favorite type of product to make and why?
    Hard to choose. So much of Carson Bryce Trading Company is also curating antiques and found goods for the home. I adore that as well. I love making soap and candles but I also live making sugar scrubs. Lip balms and body butter. Bath bombs i make with Chance. That's really fun!!!

    4. What are some new scents/products we may see in 2022?
    I recently debuted my healing energy and big money energy soaps. Omg!!! Divine I tell you. Divine!!! I am also working on the most scrumptious body butter evah! By Spring it will be done. Can't wait to share it!!!

    You can order your very own bar of Atlanta love soap by Carson Bryce Trading Company on our website, georgiacrafted.com.
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    Maker Monday: Meet Briana Carson, Crave Pie Studio

    Maker Monday: Meet Briana Carson, Crave Pie Studio

    Who doesn't love pie?! We are big fans of this delicious dessert especially when it comes from Crave Pie. On this Maker Monday, we caught up with Briana Carson of Crave Pie Studio to find out more about how she became a pie master and what flavors she loves most. 

    1. When did you start on your journey of pie-baking? I began baking pies in 2010 after being laid off from my 20 year corporate job.  I attended culinary school to begin a new chapter in life, and had to bake an apple pie for the Baking 101 final.  I fell in love with the craft, and more importantly, with how pies make people feel.  I dropped out of school to pursue pie baking as a full time business and opened my first location in 2012.
    2. What is your all-time favorite pie? That depends on the season! Spring: Strawberry Rhubarb; Summer: Peach; Fall: Roasted Pumpkin and Winter: Spiced Cranberry Apple Pear with Walnut Streusel.  I guess fruit pies are my favorite!
    3. Can you give us a sneak preview into some new flavors that may be coming out in 2022? We are always developing new pie recipes that showcase our Georgia grown pecans, peaches and blueberries.  Our menu of specials changes daily and with the seasons.
    4. What do you love to do for fun (besides bake delicious pies)? I love shopping at farmers markets and attending art festivals. I also enjoy cooking and dining.  
    5. If someone isn't familiar with Crave Pie, where can they go (besides Georgia Crafted) to get their hands on a delicious pie? We have two physical stores: 3107 Main Street, Duluth and 360 Commerce Street in Alpharetta City Center.  Both locations are in walkable retail/dining destinations. Custom orders can be placed online at cravepie.com.  You can follow us online and check out our daily specials menus at @cravepie on Facebook and Instagram.

    Having a craving for Crave Pie? You can find their delicious Chocolate Bourbon Truffle Mini Pie in our 2022 Valentine's Day gift box

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