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A Celebration of Flavor: Honoring Georgia's Culinary Artisans 🍑🏅

A Celebration of Flavor: Honoring Georgia's Culinary Artisans 🍑🏅

This week is the event we wait for all year round: The Annual Flavor of Georgia Competition, a spotlight on the most mouthwatering creations our state has to offer!

This coming Thursday, April 4th, the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences’ will sponsor the contest at the Classic Center in Athens, GA.

Flavor of Georgia is more than a contest; it helps promote and showcase the variety and success of food entrepreneurs in the state. Since 2007, more than 1,700 products have been entered into the contest, and participating businesses have experienced increased sales, business contacts, publicity and overall interest in their products.

We're always so tickled when we see the finalist list and it includes products we already carry...and that we will be able to see some very familiar faces, makers of other amazing products that we carry on georgiacrafted.com.

Right now, we're cheering on some top-tier contenders in this year's face-off.
First up, we've got the fizzy and fabulous "Peches" Georgia peach soda from
New Creation Soda Works. It's bubbling its way to the top as a finalist in the Beverage Category with every sip promising a sweet ode to Georgia's signature fruit. 🥤🍑

Then, there's the savory kick of Buffalo Ranch Popcorn by Cork's Popcorn, which is poppin' its way to fame as a finalist in the Snack Category. One handful is all it takes to understand why—it's a flavor fiesta that's impossible to resist! 🍿🌶️

But hold on, because the delicious train doesn't stop there. We're also toasting to some phenomenal past finalists and winners that you can find right on our website:

- HIBO Energize Original Superdrink by HIBO (2023 Beverage Winner)

- Oconee Gold White Sauce by Oconee Gold (2023 BBQ Sauce Winner)

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Woodpecker Trail Olive Farm (2023 Miscellaneous Winner)

- Vanilla Fried Peanut Cluster by Georgia Fried Peanut Company (2020 Confections Winner)

- Sorta White Sauce by Lanes BBQ (2018 BBQ Sauce Winner)

- Georgia Pecan Shortbread by Watanut (2018 Confections Finalist)

- Sugar & Spice Cashews by Elise Artisan Nuts (formerly High Cotton Cashews)(2018 Snack Winner)

- Southern Cheese Straws by Southern Straws (2015 Snack Finalist)

Each of these delicious creations has a unique story and reflects the innovation and spirit of Georgia's food scene. So when you savor these treats, you're not just enjoying a bite; you're part of a legacy that continues to grow and impress. 🌟

We are proud to carry these delectable products on our website, and invite you to discover why they've captured the hearts (and stomachs!) of so many. Happy exploring, savoring, and supporting these local legends – one taste at a time!

And...good luck to all of the 2024 Finalists! Can't wait to cheer you on!