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Meet Georgia Jams: A Local Artisanal Delight

Meet Georgia Jams: A Local Artisanal Delight

Today, I'm super excited to share the sweet story of one of our cherished Georgia Crafted Makers – Lori Bean and the delightful Georgia Jams. Nestled in the heart of Williamson, GA, this local gem is stirring up a storm with their mouthwatering fruit spreads, and let me tell y'all, they are worth every spoonful! 🍑✨

At Georgia Crafted, we're all about celebrating the local artisans who pour their heart and soul into creating products that truly represent the spirit of our state. Georgia Jams, founded by the talented and passionate jam-maker Lori, is a shining example of this dedication.

We're proud to carry two of Georgia Jams' most beloved creations: the Peach State Fruit Spread (in both a mini and large size) and the Lemon Ginger Spread. Each batch is crafted with love, using the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients to ensure that every jar is bursting with flavor.

The Peach State Spread: A Taste of Georgia's Finest

What's more Georgian than a peach? Our Peach State Spread is like a warm, sunny day in the South, captured in a jar. Spread it on toast, dollop it on yogurt, or even use it as a glaze for grilled meats – the possibilities are endless!


The Lemon Ginger Spread: An Award-Winning Zest

Now, let's talk about the star of the show – the Lemon Ginger Spread. This isn't just any jam; it's a Good Food/Made in the South Garden and Gun Award Winning Product, y'all! The zesty lemon and fiery ginger come together in a harmonious blend that's both refreshing and invigorating.

This spread has not only captured the hearts of Georgians but also the attention of culinary aficionados across the South. It's the perfect companion to your morning toast, a delightful addition to your cheese board (goat cheese specifically), or a secret ingredient in your baking adventures.

Why Georgia Jams Is a Local Treasure

When you choose Georgia Jams, you're not just getting a delicious product; you're supporting a local business that values quality and community. Lori's commitment to using natural ingredients and supporting local farmers is what makes her jams stand out in a crowded market.

At Georgia Crafted, we believe in the power of shopping local and the impact it has on our community. That's why we're honored to partner with makers like Georgia Jams, who embody the essence of Georgia's rich agricultural heritage and entrepreneurial spirit.

Get Your Jam On!

Ready to indulge in these sweet, award-winning spreads? Head on over to www.georgiacrafted.com and add a jar (or two!) to your cart. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you. 

Here's to spreading love, one jar at a time,

Your Georgia Crafted Peaches 🍑💕

P.S. Visit www.georgiajams.com to learn more about Lori's jam-tastic journey and explore her full range of delicious creations!