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Artisan Spotlight: BFit BFly

Artisan Spotlight: BFit BFly

BFit BFly Artisan Spotlight

No reason to be blue because July is National Blueberry Month! To honor this sweet fruit, we are featuring the maker behind one of our favorite blueberry products, Blueberry & Hemp Seed Granola from BFit BFly located in Atlanta, GA.

Tawana Cherie is the artisan behind this business that is driven by providing plant-based products that promote health and wellness. We recently had the chance to connect with Tawana about the inspiration behind BFit BFly and what sets her products apart from others available on the market today.

After her son was diagnosed with autism and dairy sensitivities, Tawana made it her mission to craft food that was simple, clean, and fresh while also having an outlet for her passion to create. 

“BFit BFly started in my little Georgia kitchen, testing recipes for how to make dairy-free cookies for my son, Myles, who was diagnosed with autism and dairy sensitivities. 

Spending time in the kitchen was therapeutic. It gave me not only space to create, but a sense of purpose that I was doing something to help my son with his food sensitivities. That purpose ultimately fueled my passion for baking and cooking health-inspired food for others, thus creating BFit BFly.”


Collage of images from BFit BFly

Each product Tawana makes is filled with simple ingredients that are nutritionally-balanced and she derives inspiration from her love of fruit, familiar healthy ingredients, and holidays or seasons. 

“BFit BFly products are crafted with simple organic ingredients that bring together a balance of protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

The inspiration behind the product flavors first, comes from my love of natural sweet fruits like blueberries and cranberries. Then pairing the natural fruits with something familiar, healthy, and fun, like hemp seeds with blueberry, or dairy free chocolate chips with cranberry.  

Other flavors are inspired from a season or holiday…who doesn’t love a pumpkin spice gourmet granola during the fall and a holiday blend in the winter? Here at BFit BFly we love this stuff.”

With all of the health-centric foods available on the market today, you may wonder what makes BFit BFly products different. Tawana let us know this answer is four-fold:

“BFit BFly products are unique vs. what you find in most stores because: 

  1.  The way we make our snacks. Each bag is handcrafted and baked in small batches (which helps keep the product fresh). 
  2. All ingredients are personally sourced within Georgia and the surrounding areas to ensure the best possible product. 
  3. Our snacks are dairy free and vegan (which allows most people with digestive issues and sensitivities to enjoy our products). 
  4. It’s a mommy-owned company (so you know health and simplicity is always the priority when creating a product).”

As a culinary expert, we had to ask what’s Tawana’s favorite recipe to enjoy during the heat of the summer. 

“My favorite easy summer recipe is grilled peaches with a dollop of dairy free plain yogurt and BFit BFly Hemp Seeds and Blueberry gourmet granola crumbled on top. So good and guilt free.”

There’s no doubt about it: BFit BFly is providing delicious, healthful products unlike the rest, and we’re proud to support this black woman-owned business. If you want to try BFit BFly Hemp Seeds and Blueberry gourmet granola for yourself, order your own bag on our website or our Take a Hike gift box to get a taste of this granola as well as other snacks and sips made for the great outdoors.


The Take a Hike Gift Box