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Maker of the Week: Meet Megan Miller of Hale Tea Co.

Maker of the Week: Meet Megan Miller of Hale Tea Co.

With roots tracing back to a humble tea shop in London in 1872, Hale Tea Co. was brought to Savannah in 1989 by the Hale family. Today, Hale Tea Co. is owned and operated by Megan Miller, a self-proclaimed Local Tea Lady. 

Megan believes that tea makes a positive contribution to the body and soul and loves how crafting tea blends combines several of her passions and puts both her left and right brain to work. A local SCAD graduate, she strives to bring tea and design together by working with local artists and purveying the highest quality ingredients. We had the chance to catch up with Megan and ask her a few questions about Hale Tea Co. and what 2022 holds for this small business.

1. When did you develop an interest in making tea blends and why?

    I’ve always been fascinated with tea and the process from farm to cup. There are so many varieties and so many factors that play in the flavor and development of tea. For me, the blending process combines several passions of mine and allows me to use my left and right brain at the same time! 

    2. If you have a cup of tea morning, noon and night, which blends would you personally choose to sip on during those times and why?

    In the morning, I sip on English Breakfast or Darjeeling, the perfect first cup of tea with just the right amount of caffeine to get my morning started! In the afternoon, I treat myself to a latte style tea usually a London Fog with Earl Grey and Lavender. In the evening, I switch between Defense and Relax. Both are naturally caffeine-free herbal blends perfect to wind down my day but full of healthy benefits!

    3. We saw on your Insta page that you went to "paradise" recently on vacation and were getting inspired about new tea blends. Any hints as to what we may see in 2022?

    Saint Lucia definitely was paradise and so needed to remind myself to slow down and enjoy all the little things in life! You can be on the lookout for some exciting new tropical inspired flavors in the summer months! These will be able to be enjoyed iced as well!

    4. Besides sipping on tea, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

    Besides spending time with my husband and son I have developed a passion for baking! I have been experimenting with baking with tea and hope to share some exciting news soon that correlates to this! I also love to travel, it opens up my creativity and is always a lot of inspiration! 

    You can find Hale Tea Co. Defense Herbal Remedy Tea, a delicious Herbal tea that contains apple, ginger, orange peel, peppermint, eucalyptus leaves, sage leaves and elderberry flowers, and their Georgia Peach Tea, high-quality Black Peach tea in a beautiful box featuring a scene of the Savannah bridge. Order both of these amazing teas here.