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New Creation Soda Works

After a 20-year career in corporate America, and as a family, we set out to do something different.  It wasn't super clear to us what we should do, but somehow making handcrafted soda made sense. 

We started by making syrups and selling them at the Watkinsville, GA farmers market.  It was an opportunity to prove our concept.  Do people really want craft soda in Georgia?  That summer of 2015 went pretty well so we decided to move forward and make one of the sodas and see if businesses would buy it.  We chose our strawberry habanero soda, made with local strawberries from Washington Farms.  Long story short, it worked, and we've added much more since then and sell into over 700 locations nationwide, including distribution in the Southeast to major chains and online wholesale to boutique retailers all across the country.