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Charleston & Church

In 2016, we found ourselves combing through Warren's grandmother's handwritten recipes from a much simpler time.  Born in 1907, Irene Simmons, "DeDe" to her grandchildren, was a loving woman devoted to her family. A consummate hostess, her parties were the talk of Charleston, SC.  We began experimenting with DeDe's recipes, and time and time again, her Cheese Rounds were a clear favorite of family, friends, co-workers, and clients. 

In 2017, word (and Rounds!) had spread, and we were invited to participate as a vendor at the Peachtree Center Green Market in downtown Atlanta.  We had a fun season and definitely learned a lot at the Green Market.  Halfway through the season, we were asked by Master Chef Tom Catherall to provide Cheese Rounds for a book signing at his restaurant for John Oates. With an obsession-level love for Hall & Oates since childhood, you can imagine how giddy Jen was watching John Oates enjoy our Cheese Rounds!