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Biron Teas

Biron Herbal Teas combine the wisdom of Western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic practices into four unique blends intended to boost wellness.   Their craft tisanes are known for their aromatic flavors as well as their therapeutic benefits.   By focusing strongly on taste, Biron Teas created one of the first gourmet herbal sipping teas, designed to be savored and enjoyed while bestowing wellness. 

Each bag contains 100% whole herbs, from three respected modalities, plus adaptogenic herbs, which have been shown in several studies to help improve and balance the endocrine system and aid the body in handling stress.  Once properly blended these herbs work nicely together creating a unique tea that works holistically.  In addition, the teas are beautifully packaged in  biodegradable pyramid tea bags, showing the beauty of each bud and flower, while giving the herbs the opportunity to brew properly.