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  • "You Saucy Thing" - Soy/Ginger/Vidalia Sauce - SOFI AWARD WINNER

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"You Saucy Thing" - Soy/Ginger/Vidalia Sauce - SOFI AWARD WINNER



Grandma’s original All-in-One stir fry sauce for “1-Minute STIR FRY!”  Less salt and much higher quality and  fresh, authentic flavor than commercial brands. Unique, Local and Convenient. The only stir fry sauce featuring Georgia’s world-famous Vidalia Sweet Onion. No MSG. Naturally brewed soy sauce. Versatile as a marinade, condiment or cooking sauce.  Popular Rice/Noodle Bowls, FARM-TO-TABLE blend. Delicious on steak, burgers, any fresh vegetables, tofu, noodles, soup base, roasted/baked/braised dishes. Use instead of salt or soy sauce, as a Scratch-Cooking BASE or marinade. Mix and match with Sweet Chili Peach and Teriyaki Pineapple for winning, scratch-cooking combinations.

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