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Sister's Sauce Bloody Mary Mix


Sister’s Sauce is a clean bloody mary mix handcrafted in Georgia.
Founder Nat Hendricks’ father, Pete, created the original recipe while attending Washington and Lee University because he wanted a light bloody mix. Over the years, Pete’s “bloodies” highlighted special events, Nat’s Sewanee parents’ weekends, and many a tailgate. Fast forward to 2015, Nat began to look outside his daily grind at a international logistics firm for a more creative profession. Inspired by his family’s love of entertaining and cooking and his passion for health and wellness (Nat regularly practices meditation and yoga), he decided to recreate Pete’s recipe as a clean bloody mary mix. Sister’s Sauce has no secret ingredients, is gluten and fat free with no MSG, additives, or high fructose corn syrup; it’s just a classic, simple bloody mary mix.  “Sister” was Pete’s first English Setter bird dog and Nat’s first word. Her legacy lives on through Sister’s Sauce and her tenth generation descendants at the Hendricks’ farm in Starrsville, Ga where Nat (also a 10th generation in a long line of Southerns) continues the family tradition of bird hunting.