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Peaches & More Purposeful Fruits


Introducing Peaches & More – your go-to snack for a natural energy lift! 🍑✨ These aren't just any dried peaches; they're a delectable mix of juicy peaches and vibrant blueberries, creating a symphony of flavors that's as nutritious as it is delicious. But here's the best part: every bite supports a beautiful cause. 🌟

Made with love by Purposeful Gourmet Foods, every purchase of Peaches & More sends 100% of the proceeds to Meals On Wheels Atlanta. Since 1965, they've been a beacon of hope, combating hunger and isolation among our cherished seniors. So, with every pack you enjoy, you're not just boosting your day with antioxidants, you're also fueling kindness and care in your community. 💖

Snack with purpose and savor the difference you make with each bite of Peaches & More.