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Beer Cheese Flavored Craft Pretzels - Made in FL


Based on a family recipe, our Beer Cheese flavor starts with sharp cheddar cheese blended with the right amount of garlic, horseradish, and other spices for just a bit of kick. Then we balance that with the smooth, malty flavor of an amber ale.

We use high-quality sourdough pretzels made with wheat flour broken into bite-sized pieces. They are coated with our beer cheese spice blend using a process that keeps the flavor on the pretzel, not the bottom of the bag. Finally, we bake them to a perfect crunch. The 8oz resealable pouch is perfect for sharing!

Made with craft beer in mind, our craft pretzels complement the unique and robust flavors beer drinks enjoy! They are perfect for craft beer fans or anyone who enjoys a good hard pretzel. You don’t drink boring beer, why eat boring pretzels?