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Perfect Picnic Gift Box


Are you ready for a picnic that's as peachy as a Southern day? 🌸 Say hello to "The Perfect Picnic," your all-in-one box for those sweet moments in the sun. 🌞

Crack open a box of delight with Meme's Sugar Pecans by Goodson Pecans, a sugary treat that'll have your taste buds dancing the Charleston. 🥜💃

Dive into a bag of Chili Lime Tortilla Chips by Alligator Chips, the crunchiest companions for your dip-dunking pleasure. 🌊🥨

Speaking of dips, enjoy the juicy, sweet tang of Peach Salsa by Lauri Jo's, a salsa that's as full of Southern spirit as a night of fireflies and fiddles. 🍑🎻

Sip on a drink of your choice! Choose between Jack'd Strawberry Habanero Soda, Butter Pecan Soda or the Award Winning HIBO Energy Drink!  🥤✨

And to top it off, savor the buttery bliss of Georgia Pecan Shortbread by Watanut, a melt-in-your-mouth finale to the perfect outdoor feast. 🍪🌳

Grab "The Perfect Picnic" box, spread out your blanket, and let Georgia's finest flavors make your day in the great outdoors simply unforgettable. 🧺🌻