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Rise and Shine Gift Box


Introducing our "Rise and Shine" Breakfast Gift Box – a delightful collection of Georgia-made breakfast essentials that will turn any morning into a special occasion!

Inside this charming gift box, you'll discover a taste of the South with Barlow's Original Pancake Mix, perfect for crafting fluffy stacks of pancakes that melt in your mouth.

Drizzle them generously with their heavenly Peach Cobbler Syrup, infused with the essence of ripe Georgia peaches. The taste of Georgia's bountiful orchards and fields truly comes alive in every drop.

To kickstart your day, we've included locally roasted coffee (pre-ground) by Grassroots Coffee, carefully selected for their rich flavor and aromatic profile. Brew a cup of this exceptional coffee to accompany your breakfast, and you'll savor the true essence of Southern hospitality.

And what's a Southern breakfast without a touch of sweetness? Our gift box also features pure, golden honey by The Honey Shack, harvested locally, and a luscious Strawberry Vanilla Spread by Unicoi Preserves that spreads like a dream. These delightful accompaniments will add a burst of flavor to your morning toast or biscuits.

Whether you're treating yourself or surprising someone special, our "Rise and Shine" Breakfast Gift Box is a true taste of Georgia's breakfast traditions. Each item is crafted with care and a dash of Southern charm, making it the perfect way to start the day with a smile. Share the love of breakfast with this delightful collection – a true Southern breakfast experience in a box!