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Bloody Mary Bar Gift Box


Introducing the "Bloody Mary Bar" Gift Box—a complete package for crafting the ultimate Bloody Mary experience. This thoughtfully curated gift box includes all the essentials needed to create the perfect Bloody Mary, infused with the flavors of Georgia. From locally-made Bloody Mary mix to savory accompaniments, we've assembled everything to elevate your cocktail game to new heights.

At the heart of this gift box is a bottle of locally-crafted Bloody Mary mix, carefully concocted with a blend of fresh ingredients and zesty spices. This mix brings together the perfect balance of tanginess, heat, and savory notes, ensuring a vibrant and refreshing Bloody Mary with every sip.

To garnish your drink with a touch of Southern charm, we've included a jar of pickled okra—a delightful addition that adds a unique twist to your cocktail. These crisp and tangy okra spears are a perfect complement to the bold flavors of the Bloody Mary mix, adding an extra element of taste and visual appeal.

No Bloody Mary is complete without a tantalizing selection of seasoned meat and pickles. In this gift box, we've included a variety of savory bites, hand-picked for their exceptional quality and flavor. From Soppresata to zesty dill pickles, these delectable accompaniments take your Bloody Mary experience to new heights.

For the perfect finishing touch, we've added a container of hot seasoning to rim your glass. This fiery blend of spices adds a kick of heat and depth of flavor to each sip, enhancing the overall taste and aroma of your Bloody Mary.

And while you savor your expertly crafted cocktail, why not indulge in some delicious Southern Cheese Straws? These crispy and flavorful snacks are the ideal pairing, offering a savory crunch that perfectly complements the rich and robust flavors of your Bloody Mary.

The "Bloody Mary Bar" Gift Box is an invitation to unleash your mixology skills and enjoy the art of creating a perfect Bloody Mary. With locally-made Bloody Mary mix, pickled okra, seasoned meat, pickles, hot seasoning for the glass rim, and cheese straws, this gift box has everything you need to elevate your cocktail experience. Treat yourself or surprise a Bloody Mary aficionado with this exceptional gift box and discover the true essence of Georgia's flavors in each sip and bite.

Each gift box comes with:
-Sister’s Sauce Bloody Mary Mix
-House Pickles
-Soppresata Meat
-Hot Steve Salt
-Southern Straws