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Baby on Board Magnet


🍑 Sweet Alert! Peach-Shaped 'Baby on Board' Magnet for Your Family Carriage 🚗💕

Want to add a little Southern charm to your ride while keeping safety sweet and simple? Look no further than our adorable 'Baby on Board' magnet, perfectly peachy and shaped like Georgia's favorite fruit! 🍑

This precious peach is more than just cute; it's a bright little beacon of caution for fellow drivers, letting 'em know you've got precious cargo on board. It sticks right onto your car with ease, making for a hassle-free, yet oh-so-cute safety statement.

Whether you're doing the daily commute or headed out for a family adventure, this magnet is the perfect way to blend safety with a touch of home-state pride. So go on, let the world know your little one is along for the ride, peachy-style! 🍼🌟