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Winter Survival Goodies: 10 Locally-Made Bath & Body Care Treats

Winter Survival Goodies: 10 Locally-Made Bath & Body Care Treats

Tree decorating, baking cookies, and ice skating; these are all pleasant experiences that come out of the winter season. Unfortunately, we know a few others that can sometimes make an unwelcome appearance: cold and flu symptoms, dry, itchy skin, and damaged pores.

Luckily, we’ve got your back with an arsenal of artisan bath and body care treats made for combating the colder weather. By stocking up on these indie-gredients, we guarantee your mind and body will stay sharp and healthy from now until spring.

Let’s jump in with our top picks for battling one of the worst wintertime enemies: cold and flu season.  


Cold & Flu Survival Kit



Lately it seems as though everyone has been getting sick and it’s only a matter of time before you touch the wrong doorknob or shake the wrong hand. Instead of dreading it, shut down allergy, cold and flu symptoms fast with our ultimate cold and flu survival kit: Elderberries & More Syrup Packet, Wildflower Honey, and our Thievery Shower Bomb.

Start by boiling three cups of water in a small saucepan and dropping Back to Basics’ Elderberries & More packet into the steaming water. Simmer for 35-40 minutes before pouring a ½ cup of Blue Haven Bee Company Wildflower Honey into a glass jar with the packet and shaking well.

Once your mixture is ready, simply take one tablespoon a day to keep your immune system strong or fight off impending sniffles and sore throats. You can also store this healing elixir for up to one year in your refrigerator.

However, to really flush your system, we recommend finishing off with an aromatherapy steam shower using Rinse’s Thievery Shower Bomb and letting the warm spicy scent and essential oils work their magic.

Legend has it that the healing powers of this shower bomb date back to the Bubonic plague, where a group of thieves robbed plague victims, but never got the plague. When they were caught, part of their sentence was to reveal their secret to staying healthy: a combination of cinnamon, rosemary, eucalyptus, and lemon which still holds strong today.

And there you have it, use our cold & flu survival kit as your secret weapon against sickness over the holidays.  


Dry or Itchy Skin Relief



Even though cold weather doesn't usually dip below 40 degrees in Georgia, dry or ashy skin is still a very real concern during the winter months.

To avoid flaky skin, we suggest taking a soak with our gentle and intoxicating Seaside Citrus Effervescent Salt Soak. Fresh and uplifting, this grapefruit and orange citrus blend combined with mineral salts brings the detoxifying benefits of the sea straight to your bathtub  the foaming bubbles are just a plus.

Another bath-time treat is our Organic Mountains Fresh Citrus Honey Body Souffle. It may be a mouthful, but this nourishing blend of essential oils whipped in almond butter provides key benefits to help keep your skin silky smooth, such as:

  • 24-hour hydration
  • Dry, itchy skin relief
  • Improvement in skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis
  • Oil-free treatment ideal for all skin types

Top off your stay-at-home spa day by rubbing your skin down with Orange Blossom Body Lotion from Savannah Bee Company. Made from 100% all-natural ingredients and never tested on animals, this long-lasting lotion is gentle enough for your entire body while rejuvenating with Savannah honey. You won’t find a more perfect stocking stuffer!


Winter Facial Care Essentials



Now that your skin is smooth and refreshed, it’s time to pay closer attention to your wintertime facial care needs.

At the top of our list of must-know products is Hollybeth Organics Eye Cream. With the power of Vitamin E, you can count on this cream to soothe and relax the tender eye area while reducing puffiness and preventing wrinkles.

When Hollybeth herself was living in Spain, a friend’s mother told her to always use eye cream to stay young looking. This made a lasting impression and over the course of her extensive travels and years living abroad in Europe and South America, she bought and tested eye creams everywhere she went. This brilliant cream is the culmination of her vast experience and discerning taste truly the crème de la crème that we’re proud to carry.

Once your eyes are taken care off, it's time to move down the face to the inevitable sore spot brought on by cold weather: chapped lips. To relieve this common condition, we recommend two lip-soothing options.

For starters, the wonders of beeswax never cease to amaze us, especially in Savannah Bee Company’s Natural Tupelo Honey Lip Balm which goes on smooth and softens with coconut, olive, cocoa, and hemp seed oils. Never greasy, this lip balm absorbs and protects with honey, healing propolis, and royal jelly.

On the other hand, Rinse’s Peppermint Lip Balm provides a creamy relief with the crisp flavor of peppermint to keep your lips refreshed. Perfected over one and a half years, this lip balm is perfect for putting on before bed to stay moisturized enough that you don’t have to reapply in the morning right away.

Finally, finish up your facial care regimen with a few spritzes of Little Barn Apothecary’s Face Tonic. Packed with citrus and earthy ingredients, spray this tonic once (or more) times a day to tone, hydrate, and protect your pores from harsh, winter elements.

For more bath and body care treats made by Georgia artisans, explore our online store to make sure your mind and body is at its healthiest over the holiday season. Happy shopping!