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Sunshine & Sunflowers: The Last Adventure of Summer 2020

Sunshine & Sunflowers: The Last Adventure of Summer 2020

Sunflowers and Sunshine

The Georgia Crafted Peaches (and mini-Peaches) are loading up and having one last Explore Georgia adventure before Summer 2020 ends.

Today’s adventure involves driving 170 miles south of Atlanta to the small town of Pitts, Georgia.

When we say Pitts is a small town, we mean SMALL. With a population of only 320 people, you will not find much in this one-stop-sign city except sunflower, peanut, and cotton fields and some of the nicest folks you can find in the Peach State.

This charming little town is home to one of the most “Insta-worthy” destinations we’ve encountered: nearly half a million sunflowers in full bloom, across 16 acres of farmland at Oliver Farm.


Yes, it is just as gorgeous as you can imagine.

With row after row of golden beauty, the view of so many sunflowers blooming to perfection is breathtaking. Plus, you can see honeybees, butterflies, and other pollinators buzzing around and working hard throughout the field.  

Oliver Farm is owned and operated by the Oliver family. Part of our community of artisans and farmers, Oliver Farm manufactures cold-pressed, gourmet sunflower, pecan, and peanut oils. With multiple awards behind their products including a 2017 Good Food Award & the 2015 Garden & Gun Made in the South award, their various pure oils are cooking companions for chefs, foodies, and home cooks alike. Not to mention, the Olivers are some of the nicest, down-to-earth people you will ever meet.

We had the best time visiting the Oliver family and getting a behind-the-scenes look at how the oil is made. And, of course, we had a photoshoot among the beautiful sunflowers as well.

We rounded out our adventure by visiting their newly opened retail shop, The Station 31072.


Set inside an old service station, built in the 1960s (and renovated to excellence), you will find some of the best-of-the-best Georgia Grown & Georgia Crafted goodies (including our signature cheese boards and coasters), oil sampling stations, sunflower-themed items, along with their new 6-week old store mascot, Luna.

Now that we are back home in greater Atlanta, we miss the no-traffic town of Pitts and the view of half a million sunflowers on a beautiful summer day.
The sunflower field will start its downturn for the season in the next few days, but you better believe the Georgia Crafted Peaches (and mini-Peaches) will be back in the fall to see their pecan trees ready to be harvested and their cotton fields in full bloom.

The next time you are cruising down I-75, take a little detour off of exit 109 and visit the Olivers at Oliver Farm and The Station 31072.