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Artisan Spotlight: Honey On The Hill

Artisan Spotlight: Honey On The Hill

Bees are magnificent creatures.

They continuously work together to reach a common goal: make more honey. In fact, one bee must fly 90,000 miles to make one pound of honey.

Up atop a hill on a farm in Helen, Georgia, sits boxes of hives and bees hard at work to make that honey.

Yes, it’s true. Some of us shy away, stay very still, swat at, and do everything we can to avoid bees and their stingers.

However, for one Georgia artisan, these little creatures saved his life.

Dale Fisher, owner and head beekeeper at Honey On The Hill, was once a soldier returning home needing to figure out his next move.

After my last tour in Afghanistan, I was injured both mentally and physically. I like many other veterans needed something to keep me out of a dark place I was headed into.”

After trying other farming ventures, he found that harvesting honey was his passion.

“The honeybees are what truly saved my life, gave me focus and balance and reason to face a new day every day.”

With that, Dale started Honey On The Hill, a family business providing a variety of honey products including raw honey, honey pops, SuperBee, and honeycomb candy.


A true testament to the family behind the small business, the name, Honey On The Hill, was born after Dale’s youngest son came up with the idea.

“Our farm has a hill on the back side where we started putting the beehives on top of to overlook the fields of flowers we planted. When we decided to dive into the business side of things, we knew that we needed a name. Our youngest son was looking out the kitchen window at the hives on top of the hill, and called it Honey On The Hill. That was enough for us.”


Honey On The Hill honey is not what you’ll find at the big supermarket chains. Instead, this locally-sourced raw honey, is superior and harvested with your health in mind.

“Local raw non pasteurized honey still contains bee pollen, propolis which are great immunity boosters which also help fight against allergic reactions. Honey is a cough suppressant, sore throat soother, antiseptic for minor cuts and scrapes. A spoonful before bedtime will help in rest and sleep. You really do not know what you are getting with most store-bought honey’s unless you know the supplier.”



Clearly, the healthful possibilities when it comes to Honey On The Hill products is endless. However, Dale’s favorite product from Honey On The Hill is SuperBee whipped honey.

SuperBee is more than just your run-of-the-mill jar of honey.

This super food is full of the best ingredients to keep you healthy.

SuperBee contains all-natural ingredients of honey, bee pollen, turmeric and cinnamon for one of the best anti-inflammatories you can find out there.”

However, they put their sustainably-harvested honey in just about every product they offer.

“We put honey in just about everything we make here at Honey On The Hill, from our honeycomb candy, honey pops, soaps and lotions, etc.”

When it comes to the best part of beekeeping, Dale must admit that it’s “the hard work and reward at the end of the day plus knowing that you are making a difference.”

In Dale’s hive, he’s not a Queen or Drone bee. Instead, he’s a self-proclaimed worker bee, through-and-through.

“I am a worker. There can be only one queen, and she runs it all. I enjoy what I do and the people I get to meet on a day to day basis, whether it’s out making deliveries or in a bee suit in a bee yard or being yelled at to stay out of the kitchen by the ladies.”

As Honey On The Hill has continued to grow and prosper, the Fisher family recently opened up the Honey On The Hill retail space in Helen where you can shop all of their honey products. 

If you can’t make the trip to Helen, your Georgia Crafted Peaches have you covered. You can shop Honey On The Hill products here and reap the benefits of honey sourced straight from the bee hive right to your home.